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The Power of Yes! Why saying yes is good for you.

Updated: May 22, 2020

As I have been settling into getting used to the 'new normal', I have been trying out new things that I might never have imagined myself doing. One of the things that I have ended up doing regularly is a weekly mass Zoom call with a group of people from the hospitality industry. This is bizarre for me, considering I didn't even know what Zoom was a few weeks ago...

These sessions are facilitated by a friend of mine, Karen Turton, who I have known for a number of years as we have a number of mutual hospitality industry connections. Karen is a huge sponsor of empowerment,

confidence-building and generally helping others to improve themselves, so it came as no surprise whatsoever when I found out that through a training organisation called Transition AMP (co-founded by hospitality industry forces, Nick Bish and Jason Wollington), she was facilitating free Isolation Hangout sessions.

These uplifting, 30 minute sessions are designed to:

  • Bring future leaders together

  • Bridge the gap bewteen isolation and opportunity

  • Encourage new ways of thinking

  • Help GROW the next generation of purposeful leaders

While these sessions are naturally geared towards hospitality, I really think that a lot of their principles are relevant across different sectors (and if you asked them if you could join, I bet they would welcome you). They focus largely around coaching you to adapt yourself so you can constantly function with a growth mindset where you can work with any given situation. Working with a fixed mindset doesn't allow you to adapt or embrace change. Given that we are now being asked to deal with change on a daily basis, we need to be able to reconcile with unchartered territory so that we can still manage to improve and develop.

Previous hangout sessions have been called 'Playing to Win', 'Grit with Growth and Grace' and 'Thinking on Your Feet', but the one that initially got me interested was 'The Power of Yes'.

Three letters... so much potential!

I found that the little word YES is especially pertinent for me now, given that I've decided to dedicate myself to volunteering for at least the length of the pandemic. I've always been someone who naturally says yes to things, which I think is a bit of hangover from my childhood - when my mum used to try to get my brother and sister to do things, and when they wouldn't, I'd usually be the one to say yes (because it was just easier).

I can't think of anything I have said yes to that I have regretted. Like the time I said yes to doing a skydive when I wasn't really sure why (scary but brilliant!). Or the time I said yes to taking a break in between jobs, because actually, I was really burned-out and felt so much better after switching off and focussing on myself. Or the time I said yes to telephone befriending when I really don't like talking on the phone, but wanted to give it a go (and really enjoyed it).

Why is saying yes good for you?

  • Saying yes encourages you to embrace adventure

  • Ask yourself, 'if I say yes to that, what's the worst thing that could possibly happen?'

  • Saying yes creates momentum and motivation - it opens up a whole world of opportunity that you might not otherwise discover

  • Saying yes encourages you to confront your fears - we tend to say no to things when we are scared

  • Saying yes stretches you beyond your comfort zone - so you know a bit more about what you are capable of

  • Saying yes naturally encourages you to live within a growth mindset

When we say yes to things, we can leave behind our own positive footprints - if you walk in the footprints of others you won't make any of your own (I'm not sure who to credit that quote to, but I really like it). Saying no is so much easier than saying yes because we have to commit to something when we say yes, whereas we're able to walk away when we say no to something.

Get involved and join in!

If you are interested in booking into a Transition AMP Hangout, you can join them every Friday at 10am. Just drop Jason a note on to book in on a session - he's proper friendly and will send you all the links. It's so important that we stick together right now and support one another, and I've found the Transition sessions to be a really welcome filler for my weekly routine and something that I am now looking forward to. They are also really uplifting at a time when everyone could do with a lift.

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