The first 10% - 10 days into my #100DaysOfVolunteering Challenge

I've officially completed 10 days of my #100DaysOfVolunteering challenge and so far, I'm really enjoying it. It's not been without speedbumps, although that comes as no surprise in the current climate.

My volunteering challenge aside, the first 10 days of 2021 have been quite eventful for the world in general, and there have been so many turning points and breakthrough events already that I'm not certain where I'll end up by 10th April, when this challenge comes to a close.

So far this year:

  • A new Tier has launched

  • Our health service is already completely overwhelmed

  • The UK has hit the 80,000 death milestone

  • We've had a new vaccine approved

  • Mass-testing for the symptom-free

  • Trump is pretty much a confirmed sociopath

  • We've hit the 3 million confirmed Covid case milestone

  • The UK has exited the EU (remember Brexit?)

And that's just the last 10 days.

Breaking this challenge down into 10 day chunks is enabling me to reflect on what has been happening in and around the UK episodically, which I'm appreciating because otherwise I think I would be missing things in the fog. 2020 seems like it passed as the longest week in history - everything amalgamated into one. It all came as a shock with the first lockdown last March. To be honest, I'm not sure this year will be much different in terms of the struggles we are to expect because everything is going to be uphill from here. In a positive sense, we can try to prepare ourselves by planning as much as we can. I'm doing this by undertaking the 100 Day Volunteering Challenge because it is enabling me to make a plan during a time where everything is uncertain and I'm able to take some ownership of what I'm doing, it's not just dictated by what the government is telling us to do.

What have I learned so far?

  1. I enjoy knowing what my plan is. As previously mentioned, it's difficult to feel stable during the uncertainty so this challenge is really helping me with that

  2. One extremely common symptom of Covid is a sense of loneliness. Whether that is from the virus locking us down, not being able to visit our friends or family or the harsh fact that it is taking more than a thousand lives a day at the moment. It's more important than ever that we pull together, yet it's really difficult to feel the warmth of togetherness during these times. Zoom calls and WhatsApp groups may not be perfect, but they are something.

  3. Home schooling is a real challenge. While I've always respected the work that teachers do, I appreciate them all the more now, especially their energy. My son would usually be at school, as he has an EHCP on account of his autism, but he's been at home because of a Covid outbreak. This is something I think we're going to be getting used to over the next few months, and I'm certain it will help make me stronger!

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