LFC - And I don't mean the red football team...

As of Thursday evening, all we have been hearing about is Liverpool FC, and rightly so, as they have finally won the Premier League after 30 years of waiting - it's been a long time coming... When I think of LFC, however, I don't think of Liverpool, I think of the London Furniture Collective, as that is who I've been working with for most of this week.

The LFC are a special group of volunteers who are not without their own football links as the LFC was born out of a partnership between the Dons Local Action Group (DLA) and Merton Mutual Aid (MMA). The DLA is a part of AFC Wimbledon, and is a group dedicated to helping those in need in the local Wimbledon area.

The London Furniture Collective was founded by Zak Dada, who also founded Merton Mutual Aid back in March. Zak is an incredible young man, who at just 18 years old has stepped up and done some incredible things in response to Covid-19. He really is one of the success stories behind this pandemic, and it's a real joy to be working with him.

Essentially, LFC matches people with spare furniture to those who really need it. I joined when I received a WhatsApp message in the local council ward group and really wanted to get involved because I thought it would be a great use of my time - and it has been!

I've been a part of the Outreach Team, reaching out to local charities and organisations in the Merton, Wandsworth and Kingston boroughs who are able to refer people to us who are in need of different furniture and homeware items. We've been applying to work with organisations like Refugee Action Kingston, Little Village, Christian Care Association, Wandsworth Borough Council, London Borough of Merton, South London Refugee Association, SPEAR London and Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness. I've also been trying out my design skills on Canva (constructive feedback welcome) and have designed the images you see on this page (but not the logo).

I first mentioned joining the team a couple of weeks ago, and things have really stepped up in the last two weeks, and here is what we've managed to achieve so far:

There are still so many more people to help, especially as we are probably about to enter the UK's worst ever recession. It's important that we come together and support the organisations that one day we might ourselves need - we never know what is around the corner.

We are still looking for a transport partner to help us out with deliveries - if you know someone, please email refer@londonfurniturecollective.org.uk.

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