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Good News for Giving Back! Week Ending, 9th August

Launch your career as a volunteer

As someone who is at a bit of a crossroads with my own career, I am fully-aware of how difficult it is in the current climate just to get a new job, let alone trying to change sectors or even enter a sector with absolutely no experience - which is what a raft of graduates are trying to do at the moment. That's where volunteering comes in. Through volunteering, you can gain experience and life skills which will set you up for when there are jobs to go for - and you will be a more desirable candidate because instead of being idle whilst looking for a job (even though looking for a job can be a job in itself) you'll have been gaining valuable skills.

When I first spoke to one of my friends about my volunteer work at the beginning of lockdown, she said to me 'but there aren't going to be many volunteer roles out there, all the charity shops are closed and no one can go out'. Hers was the first perception that I had to work to change because, in these crazy times, it's incredibly easy to volunteer your skills without even leaving your house - and develop yourself at the same time. For example, along with my other, more physical, volunteering roles, I've been honing my Google AdWords skills by running ad campaigns for a charity. This has proved hugely useful and has been a real walk down memory lane, as it's been a while since I logged into my Ads account. Doing things like this offers opportunities that are low-risk for both you and the charity, because they are grateful for the help you can offer and you can use the opportunity to develop and help an organisation in need.

Read more about volunteering to jumpstart your career HERE

Meanwhile, in Manchester... Sniffer Dogs are on the Case

Up north in Manchester, there is a trial underway to see if medical dogs can be used as a rapid, non-invasive diagnostic tool for finding Covid-19. They are recruiting volunteers to help out, and are aiming to get thousands of people to help with this trial. As a volunteer, all you are required to do is provide a sample of breath and by wearing a mask for three hours, and body odour by wearing nylon socks and a t-shirt for twelve hours. This seems like a pretty simple volunteer gig, and one which will prove incredibly useful should it turn out that dogs can sniff out Covid. I really hope it works out, as I'd rather be immediately told by an animal that I have a nasty virus than having to stick a cotton bud up my nose and wait for a few days only to be told by text message.

You can read more about this story HERE

Parkrun is Returning!

Good news for people who love to keep fit in packs, Parkrun is coming back! They've announced the process, but not the date as yet because Covid-19 is still too prevalent in some areas. Measures that will come into force are no high fives, no spitting and elongated courses so that people can distance.

It's important because Parkrun is such a great way to engage people from a wide range of backgrounds and communities through the medium of running and it can help people who currently believe that they hate it learn to love it. Parkrun works for the extroverts who need to see people, and it works for the introverts who don't necessarily want to interact, but want an organised running route where they can record their times.

You can read more about your local Parkrun HERE.

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