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Good news for giving back! Week ending 5th July

As we celebrate the 72nd anniversary of our wonderful NHS, again there has been a lot of good people doing great things. The Royals are out in force again, and I think I've decided where I want to isolate - should we hit another pandemic...

Soph's at it again, and this time she's brought Eddie along!

One of my fave Royals, Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, is back volunteering for a second week running - and this time, Edward is getting involved too. The two of them have been packaging up meals for the NHS for an organisation called Salute the NHS, which is a not-for-profit organisation that is driven by the private sector. It makes total sense, because the two founders, Ron Dennis and Nigel Harris, are essentially pooling their resources to get private businesses (like Tesco, Domestic and General and Uniliver) to donate items so they can put together Boost Packs for the NHS. Well done, and keep it up!

You can read more about it HERE

Jill Rowe, 30 Year Charity Shop Veteran

Volunteering at a charity shop is definitely on my to-do list, as I do love a good chazza, and I don't think a good high street is complete without at least four of them. Being a charity shop volunteer is something that has been a part of Jill Rowe's life for the last 30 years. Jill, who is 84, volunteers at the Cancer Research UK shop in Glastonbury, beginning in 1989 after she herself recovered from breast cancer.

She says volunteering has been great therapy for her, as not many people were talking about cancer 30 years ago in the way that they do now. Cancer Research has seen income suffer greatly since they had to close down shops because of Covid, and given that they fund around 50% of all cancer research, they are an incredibly important charity. Well don Jill, you look fabulous and may you continue to volunteer for many years to come!

You can read more about Jill HERE

Clapham Cobra - on duty!

When I hear about Clapham, the first place I think of is not a sleepy village in the north of England, but the South West London suburb full of funky bars millennials and a big patch of grass. Nestled between Yorkshire and Lancashire, this village of 600 inhabitants has come into the news because of their proactive approach to ensuring that everyone in the neighbourhood got what they needed during the lockdown. They formed a group which and dubbed themselves 'Clapham Cobra' and were able to keep everyone in the village safe and looked-after - mostly due to the fact that, unlike many other remote villages with a largely ageing population, they have an amazing internet connection which they built themselves in 2016. The internet service was named 'B4RN' and is registered as a Community Benefit Society, which means the business belongs to the communities who need it: community members own the enterprise, and in B4RN’s case, they also actually build a lot of the infrastructure themselves. It is fully volunteer-run and has proved invaluable to the community - especially during the pandemic. I can't help but think what a gorgeous place Clapham would be to isolate in...

You can read more about this amazing group HERE

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