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Good News for Giving Back! Week Ending, 2nd August

London Zoo wants Volunteers!

I will be keeping you updated as and when, but basically, they had me at 'London Zoo'. London Zoo are looking for volunteers to be stewards and help out paying guests. I'm curious to see how this one pans out, especially as a lot of non-profit organisations have had to take on passionate volunteers to help them out with guest services during these tough times. I've been volunteering for Leeds Castle remotely on a professional basis, and would almost certainly volunteer with them on-site if I lived in Kent - they have some fabulous volunteer roles there. I do wonder if once we come out of the other side of the pandemic whether or not they'll replace volunteers with paid staff, or offer some sort of remuneration.

You can read more about volunteering at London Zoo HERE

Government Speed Mentoring: Coming Soon!

As someone who has benefitted from an incredible mentor, I was really pleased to find out that the government is launching its own mentoring scheme. I met my mentor Jackie through a speed networking event called Plan B, and it was great because the speed in speed networking means you cut out all the crap and the fluff - and get down to business. One of the things it's important to understand about mentoring is that the mentor is not there to solve all your problems; they are there as a sounding board, they are there to challenge you and they are there to support and help facilitate your success. When a mentor relationship really works, it becomes two-way, and the mentor can often benefit from the mentee. No matter what stage you are at, I believe that everyone's life can be made better by a bit of mentoring.

You can read more about it HERE

The Volunteer Weed Army are Tearing it up in Edinburgh

This is not drug-related, it's actually really great volunteering. John McClellan, a councillor in Edinburgh, started digging up weeds outside his house before taking his hoe and travelling through the local area to dig up all of the weeds on his way to his local Scotmid - this is like a cooperative in Scotland. He puts the weeds into a brown bin and pays the council to take it away - apparently with no work discount.

Severe cost-cutting has forced Edinburgh council to start charging for the garden bins, and appeal for volunteers to do their job. This story is great in some ways because it gives me faith that there are some amazing people, like John, out there. It also highlights the crisis that we're in that as a councillor he has to pay to clear up his own streets - so the council have some work to do there.

You can read more about John HERE

Volunteering Officially Makes You Less Mortal

It's official: studies have shown that people who volunteer have lower mortality rates than people who don't volunteer. I'm always talking about how awesome volunteering makes you feel, but this article is packed full of studies which only reinforce my messages.

I truly believe that everyone has something to give, and barring any accidents, you will live longer and feel better if you do give something back.

You can read more about this HERE

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