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Good news for giving back! Week ending, 28th June

This week, we've got a bit of a royal special, because all the family have been out and about! Now that we're easing out of lockdown and hopefully finding a cure for Covid, our royal friends have been helping us get ready for normality - whatever that's going to end up looking like.

Sophie Wessex Doing Her Bit in the Charity Shops

Anyone who knows me knows that I like a good root around in a chazza. I haven't found my Ming vase yet, but I will never give up and I still continue to get all of my son's clothes and most of my own at the local bargain goldmines. Prince Edward's wife, who is a patron for Shooting Star Children's Hospices, has been helping her local shop get ready for business so that they can continue to raise much-needed funds during these challenging times. It's been really difficult for charities, who still rely on donations to function, so hopefully the re-opening of shops will drive some much-needed revenue.

You can read more about it HERE

Duke and Duchess of Sussex Volunteer with Ex-Gang Members

Megs and Hazza are out and about again! This week, they were spreading love at Homeboy Industries, which is the largest gang rehabilitation and re-entry programme in the world. They take in former criminals and ex-gang members and train them with skills which will rehabilitate them into contributing members of the community. What I really love about the image, is that it takes a while to find Harry and Meghan; the PPE has provided real equality to a group of people from an enormous variety of backgrounds. Megs is wearing a white blouse - classic fashion piece: everyone looks good in a nice tailored shirt (until you spill something on it, like I ALWAYS do).

I do wonder at Meghan's penchant for cooking charities, and would actually like to try some of her cooking. I wonder if we can get her down to the Tooting Community Kitchen when she's next back in town...

You can read more about it HERE

First Volunteer Receives Covid Vaccination in Trial

Fingers-crossed here... I'm keeping my eye on these studies, because as soon as we have a vaccine, I can hopefully go and see my parents! While shielders will apparently be able to see family members from August, I am still a bit dubious and don't really want to see family until I know it is 100% safe - I would never forgive myself if I visited my parents and ended up giving them Covid.

The first volunteers were injected with the vaccine this week, which is great news because if we are testing on humans, it has to be going somewhere, right? Over the next few weeks, 300 healthy participants will be receiving two doses of the vaccine. If the vaccine is safe and shows a promising immune response in humans, then larger trials would be planned for later in the year. They even got a visit from Prince William, who will get to see his own father and Granny when we get a vaccine.

You can read more about it HERE

Volunteers Help Create Pest-Free Bird Sanctuary in New Zealand

This one doesn't have anything to do with any royals, but I'm a bit of a bird-lover, so I really enjoyed this story. I'm also a bit jealous of New Zealand in general, as they have THE BEST Prime Minister, they are Covid-free and it's just a really beautiful place. This beautiful place clearly breeds beautiful people, because thousands of volunteers have been working with the Department of Conservation to ensure that New Zealand - in this case, the Bay of Islands - is pest-free and a haven for wildlife.

You can read more about it HERE

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