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Good News for Giving Back! Week ending, 26th July

You can volunteer for the coronavirus vaccine trials

Voluntary work takes many forms, and one form can be putting yourself forward for clinical trials. The Metro has been telling people how they can take part in the coronavirus vaccine studies. There is, of course, a risk that you're putting your health at stake by signing-up, but the flipside is that you might be one of the first to be vaccinated. Signing-up does not specifically commit you to a health study, but it does allow researchers to get in contact with you if they think you might be a suitable candidate. You can read more about it and decide if you want to get involved HERE

British Taekwondo makes three new appointments in volunteer departments

It's always difficult, especially within sports like Taekwondo which don't get much funding, to keep the energy going and ensure that sports are run to a high standard - this is despite the fact that we did extremely well in the 2016 Olympics in Rio. With this in mind, British Taekwondo has built a new volunteer-led department where they've appointed some extremely experienced and talented volunteers to head-up their Sport Referee Department. With them, they bring their passion and skill to the sport so it can be run to a high standard.

You can read more about it HERE

Shutting up shop to give back to people who need you... How volunteering keeps your mental health in check.

This article from Australian news outlet ABC Life focusses on how volunteering can help you stay mentally healthy so that you can then focus on your own life goals. I fully agree with what it has to say, and it's weird how indulgent voluntary work can feel because you can get so much joy from giving away your time and skills. Here, we have a hairdresser, a firefighter and a climate change activist who have found common ground and value from volunteering.

You can read more about the joys of voluntary work HERE

Two sisters, three dogs - and a shedload of trees

I'm mentioning this story because it sounds like exactly the sort of thing me and my sister would get up to if, 1. we had dogs and 2. there was a forest that needed repopulating.

It's a gorgeous story about two sisters who have attached backpacks full of seeds to their German Shepherds and are running them around the devastated forest land of Chile so they can scatter the seeds and encourage regrowth. The women grew up in the area, surrounded by a forest which was decimated almost overnight by horrific wildfires and are proactively trying to bring it back. It's all voluntary, and they've even had calls from Australia and the US who are looking at trying something similar. It's a great video.

You can see more on Franscisca and Constanza HERE. I've currently got about 10 fledgling horse chestnut trees in my garden that I have no idea where to put because me and Suzy planted conkers last winter. Suggestions welcome...

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