Good News for Giving Back! Week Ending, 21st June

So much has happened in the last week; the Premier League has restarted, Coronavirus treatment has moved forward bars and hairdressers might be opening soon and Marcus Rashford has moved to the top of my shortlist for BBC Sports Personality of the Year (he skipped the longlist, jumped higher than the sky and was way over it).

When you're feeling a bit crap, just remember that there are some good people out there - and you can be one of them. It doesn't take much to make another person happy.

Refugees: the glue that is keeping communities together

We've just celebrated World Refugee Day, and this article shares the stories of several refugees who have been using their skills to repay their communities for the kindness they received upon arriving to their new homes. Having already suffered unimaginable hardships, they are helping people by serving them food, and making facemasks - cooking the delicious meals also the double benefit of them being able to share a slice of their culture. The facemasks are handmade from repurposed bras, and look absolutely gorgeous.

You can read more about them HERE

Corona Connects: US College Student Creates Volunteer Website

I'm always a fan of people encouraging others to volunteer, so I thought I'd highlight this story from the University of Pennsylvania, where one college student has been matching others with local volunteer opportunities. On a local level, I'm a fan of Furlonteer, Reach Volunteering and the NCVO, but this one focuses on local opportunities and is fully student-led. I also love how it's called Corona Connects, thus adding a slightly positive spin to it - that Corona can do more than infect you.

You can read more about it HERE

East Kilbride Volunteer Scoops Top Award

You know I love to share stories of individuals just being amazing, and this story is just wonderful. Isobel Edgar was presented with a national award because of the time and compassion she gives as a volunteer with Macmillan Cancer Support. As mentioned in the article, it's rare for a family to escape from cancer, and it's very reassuring to know that there are people like Isobel who will so generously give their time. Also, Isobel looks really, really nice - just looking at her makes me feel like everything will be okay, no matter what.

You can read more about Isobel HERE

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