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Good News for Giving Back! Week Ending, 16th August

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber is taking one for the team

Theatre bastion Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber is taking part in the Oxford Covid-19 vaccine trial, so that he can 'prove theatres can reopen safely'. As a volunteer, the 72 year old could be given a placebo or the actual vaccine. I'm all for ALW volunteering for the trial, however, I'm unsure of how his being vaccinated will prove the safety of theatres - that will only come when the number of Covid cases drops. Hopefully, we'll see some positive results so that theatres will be back to capacity soon - it is one of the industries to have fared worse than hospitality in terms of not being able to open and get back to business, and I for one hope that our beloved performers will be box-stepping and singing their hearts out soon.

You can read more about this story HERE

The first vaccine volunteer is still alive

Sticking with the Covid-19 vaccine theme, it has become apparent that the first volunteer who put themself forward to try out the Covid-19 vaccination is alive, and NOT dead - as was reported by some news outlets. Within days of starting the trial, it was widely reported that the young, healthy post-doctoral researcher at Oxford University had died from a 'killer injection'. It's good to know that this is false, and she is still alive and well. It's all fake news.

You can read more about this HERE

The revamped contact tracing app is ready to go - again!

It's all go for the next version of the contact tracing app, with volunteers on the Isle of Wight downloading it and being tracked by the government. After abandoning the original model in June, this trial will also involve NHS volunteer respondents in the UK and includes some new features that weren't available on the old version:

  • QR check-in, which will alert users if they have recently visited a venue where they may have been exposed to the virus

  • The ability to book a free test

  • An isolation countdown timer to remind people how long they must quarantine for

It feels like we're going to find a cure before we get the contact tracing right - let's keep our fingers-crossed that this one will work out!

You can read more about the contact tracing app HERE

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