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Day 98 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Thursday, 8th April 2021

Today, I was in and out of the garden with my son, but during lunchtime I was able to check-in on some Google AdWords accounts, set-up some ads and tweak some conversion code...

What: Google AdWords
Organisation: Imara, Reverse The Trend & eQuality Time

My Spanish students have gone a bit quiet lately, so I did a bit of following-up with Eduardo and the crew. It turns out that the eQuality Time students finished their project a couple of weeks ago (thanks for telling me guys), but I’m not sure about Reverse The Trend yet. The conversion rate had dropped on RTT, so I took the code on the newly-created conversion and embedded it into the website, in the hope that this will bring it up. Before the students started, I had it up at 100% (which I was really proud of) so I’m hoping that it’s not broken… I also created a donation campaign for Imara and I will hopefully be getting access to their website soon so I can set-up their tracking code properly.

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