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Day 97 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Wednesday, 7th April 2021

I had a reasonably quiet day with my son today which was really nice. I even managed to cut his hair, which is no mean feat – before last month, we hadn’t cut his hair for almost two years, but have managed to find a way to do it through bribery. Volunteering-wise, I had a quick catch-up with Chris from Wimbledon in Sporting History in the morning, but it was all about the evening on #Day97 because of QUIZ NIGHT!

What: Intro call with Chris
Organisation: Wimbledon in Sporting History

Wimbledon in Sporting History (or WiSH, as it’s affectionately known) comes under the ‘One Club’ umbrella of The Dons Trust and is a newly-formed charity (they’re still going through their registration) and they exist to keep a record of sporting history within Wimbledon and the surrounding areas. This includes things like the Mitcham Cricket Green, which is the oldest cricket ground in the country, the Wimbledon Dogs Track, tennis, and of course the football club. We had a catch-up about what he needs in terms of volunteers for the organisation. The plan is to open the museum at Plough Lane once the fans are allowed back in and they need people to help manage that. I’m going to help them recruit people into those positions.

What: Quiz Night
Organisation: Bat For A Chance and Cricket Without Boundaries

We got there in the end! After a few months’ planning, we had the quiz night and I have to say I think it went really well. There were a lot more Tailenders fans than we had anticipated, and I think that as a result of the night there will be a few new fans to be added to the already large fanbase – project mobilisation at its finest. We had a quick meet-up an hour beforehand to just go through the running order, and then we all joined the Zoom room at 7pm sharp to go straight into the picture round, which was the round I made up. It was a good warm-up before we introduced Mattchin Tendulkar with a quote from the Tailenders’ Wikipedia page as the ‘38th Coolest Person in Bristol 2020’. He was tuxedoed-up, and also wearing nail varnish as the young charge he was babysitting earlier that day decided to give him a makeover. We’d merged his three rounds into one, and it flowed really well. I’m always really crap at Crusic which is where you get two clues per question, the answers of which combines cricket with music and film – the second part of the first forms the first part of the second (E.g., The Mod Father’s biggest album from 1995 was a Green Cornered Tiger from Karachi – this is Pakistanly Road). Then he did some cricket general knowledge, and some book reviews where you had to guess whose book the reviewer was talking about.

At the end of the quiz, we did a mini competition where the prize was the Tailenders’ Christmarch record, signed by Jimmy Anderson (although I’m still not 100% convinced he’s asked Jimmy to sign a record yet). The winner was the first person to put the number of test runs Jimmy Anderson has scored into the comment box (it’s 1,233 in case you were wondering). The only thing that didn’t really go to plan on the night was Mattchin’s internet. Not to be too disparaging, but it’s crap. He definitely needs to get onto Virgin and get them to make it work harder for him if he’s to forge a career in the online quiz arena.

In other amazing news, which I almost forgot to report, I’ve been asked to join the Charity Excellence Framework organisation as a trustee! This is really amazing, as I think it’s a great organisation doing really great things for the sector. I’m joining Ian and two others as a founding trustee, so hopefully we’ll get our charity status confirmed really soon, and I’ll be able to learn lots more about what goes into the running of a charity.

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