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Day 95 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Monday, 5th April 2021

95 Not Out! It was meant to snow today – and it did. April has been massively out of character so far, and I’m not used to these types of temperatures and snow in my birthday month. For a bit of sunshine, I switched on Sky Cricket and they were showing reruns of the IPL from four years ago. It was still quite thrilling (if you like cricket). The IPL restarts this Friday, which I’m quite excited about, especially since I thought it didn’t start until Sunday. Go Rajasthan Royals!

What: Google AdWords
Organisation: Imara

At the back end of last week, my new friend Vimbai gave me access to the brand new Google AdWords Account for Imara, the charity that helps victims of sexual abuse and their families. While my son was whizzing in and outside, I was able to do some keyword research and set up a few ads for them, which felt quite productive. The problem I’m finding with this though is that because the subject matter is so sensitive, there is a chance that Google will flag the keywords as inappropriate (e.g., sexual abuse charity). So even though people will be searching for things like this, Google has a duty of care to flag them. This is challenging because it’s all managed on Google’s part by an algorithm, so will require some further research on my part when it comes to finding out how to get these ‘inappropriate’ keywords listed so that people will find Imara when they are looking for it.

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