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Day 94 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Sunday, 4th April 2021

Happy Easter! It was a beautiful day (and hot!), so my sister was able to come and sit in the garden while my son played in his sandpit. We also had another Easter egg hunt. His detective skills are improving slightly, but he tends to be looking in the same places that we’ve hidden the eggs before… Today, I was also able to find the time to respond to my new pen pal and tell her what I've been up to.

What: Pen-palling
Organisation: Volunteering Matters

It was really nice to re-read the letter I received from Lady A so that I could craft a response, as she sounds so nice. She seems to be quite outdoorsy and creative, like me, so it's great to hear about the fact she likes gardening and getting out into the country. I've been working on my tomato plants, which I seem to have saved by bringing them indoors as there are some green shoots to be had. I'm still not sure if I'll have as many as last year, so maybe I'll plant some more. I've got a few different varieties coming through, so at least that will jazz-up my garden a bit. There's snow forecast for tomorrow, so even in the mini greenhouse the toms would probably struggle. Snow in April though? If it actually does snow, I'm going to struggle to find ways of keeping my son occupied without him completely trashing the place. He tends to create havoc in every room he enters, before leaving it to create more havoc in another room. It's quite fun until the end of the day.

In my letter, I also sent Lady A a hen that my son had made as an Easter card. It's a hen with red feathers and eggs stuck to it and it's quite sweet. I've framed the bumble bee card that Lady A sent me with her letter and it looks really good on my 'crazy wall'. My crazy wall is a wall in the kitchen where I frame memories, photos and general stuff and display it all in a colourful mass that I can look at. Examples of what's on there are my commemorative thank you coin from when I was a Cricketeer at the Cricket World Cup in 2019, my son's first 'Star Student' award at school and a realy funny picture of me and my partner wearing matching t-shirts.

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