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Day 92 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

It’s Good Friday today! It was on the slightly cold side, but still bright enough to get out into the sunshine and hide a few mini eggs in the garden for my son to find. It very apparent that he’s lamentable at hunting for eggs, and even when we drew him a map, he still had trouble finding them because he gets so excited. I absolutely love Easter with him because of this though, as he is just hilarious.

What: Quiz Meeting
Organisation: Bat For A Chance and Cricket Without Boundaries

Just the one volunteer job today because of the Bank Holiday, and I managed to get it out of the way before 11am. This morning, we had a Zoom call together with Mattchin Tendulkar from Tailenders, who will be our guest host on the quiz next Wednesday. It was really good to iron out the details with him and the CWB/BFAC crew, and as an added bonus, he’s also going to see if he can get some tickets to Tailenders Live for the winners of the quiz. Apparently, all of the shows are sold out, except for the Newcastle show. I’d take a trip to toon town, it’s meant to be an awesome night out.

After our call, I sorted out the new picture round and found some great pics of celebrities who famously love cricket as children. We decided to change it, because with both of Matt's rounds being very crickety, we didn't want to alienate anyone whose cricket knowledge is a bit crap. This wasn't my idea, but it does make sense, and when I think of the fact my sister is entering the quiz, she will struggle with the cricket bits. If it was snooker, she'd ace it though.

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