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Day 91 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Thursday, 1st April 2021

Feeling like the slight April Fool becuse the auction is still rumbling along! It seems to be lasting forever which is making me wonder if it’s Groundhog Day and not 1st April. I've learned so much by doing this, so I'm weirdly looking forward to my next auction to see if I can't actually put all my learnings into practise.

What: Auction
Organisation: DLAG

The reason the auction is taking so long is because since managing to process a refund for a woman who bought four lots, but then was left unable to honour it, I needed to contact the second-highest bidders and ask them if they were able to take the lots at their bid. There are extenuating circumstances with these previous lots regarding someone vulnerable, so my conscience wouldn't allow me to not ask for the refund - although normally we wouldn't really be able to give refunds. As it's Easter Weekend now, I probably won't be able to get the new links for the payments until next Tuesday. So it all rumbles on into next week!

What: Graphics
Organisation: Charity Excellence Framework

I heard from Ian today, meaning that he's got new content. He's doing so well with the CEF at the moment, he's just waiting to get officially registered with the Charity Commission. It's been a long slog for him, and he's offering an amazing free service which a lot of agencies charge money for and he does it all himself. I really hope the registration goes through soon. I reckon within a year, he'll have the biggest small charities database in the sector - and hopefully they'll all be well-funded because of his funding finder service.

What: Google AdWords
Organisation: Imara

Imara is the charity that I first met exactly a month ago on International Women’s Day. They are a charity which supports children who have been affected by sexual abuse and their families. What they’re doing is really important now because of what’s going on at the moment with young women and girls from schools reporting sexual harassment and rape via the Everyone’s Invited website. It takes a lot of courage to do this, so it's incredibly important that the people who have experienced harassment and rape have the support they need once they have been brave enough to come forward.

What: Facebook Ads
Organisation: Doorstep Library

Today, we had a quick catch-up on Facebook Ads, as it seems there was a bit of a mix-up. Doorstep Library wasn't registered on the Business Suite, so the ad that I published before was being charged to my credit card (which was bizarrely still valid, even though I haven't used it in two years. It runs out of date next week - I know this is a bit of an oversight on my part). There are also differences between the Ad Manager and the Ad Centre - which in itself is really confusing. Either way, what I've learned from this is I've got to be more au fait with the updated Facebook marketing tools if I am to carry on with Facebook Ads - although I'd leave Facebook behind tomorrow if I could...

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