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Day 88 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Monday, 29th March 2021

Today was an absolutely stunning day to get out early doors and go shopping for my neighbour. We’re heading into Easter this week, and my son finishes school at 12.30pm on Wednesday, so the last 10 days of my 100 Days of Volunteering is going to be quite tough with juggling childcare. If I can manage it during a Covid outbreak and half-term, I’m sure I can manage it for 10 days. It’ll just mean more evening work and stealing some time during lunch and tea times.

What: Shopping for my neighbour
Organisation: Age UK

It was great to get out for a walk to go shopping for Lady S this morning. I stuck the headphones on, whacked the music up and power walked my way over to Asda. I listened to The Greatest Showman. I’m not sure what Asda are playing at with not stocking the brand of squash that Lady S likes, but they had run out of it again. She kindly gave me an Easter egg for my son, and I got a box of chocolates, which was lovely. Lady S is really nice, and it’s always good to talk to her. I can’t believe I’ve been shopping for her for a year already.

What: Google and Facebook Ads
Organisation: Doorstep Library

After the website refresh a couple of weeks ago, we realised that some of the backlinks needed URL changes – so I went onto the Google AdWords account to do that. Also, I set up a Facebook ad for donations which we’re going to run for a few days to see how it goes. I’ve been struggling with getting the localities right, so need to take a closer look at it. Also, it's really hard to get the billing sorted on Facebook! It keeps trying to charge my old credit card, rather than the one registered to the Doorstep Library account, which is pretty annoying. I haven't used that credit card for at least two years and it goes out of date next week.

What: Setting Objectives
Organisation: The Dons Trust

Today, I had a call with Niall at the Dons Trust, and we talked through my objectives for my role at the Trust. Essentially, what I need to do is put some processes in place, develop a communication flow system with volunteers (so important if your volunteers are going to stay engaged), create and run an effective system to support the pastoral needs of volunteers and ensure that excellent volunteer work is highlighted and acknowledged as appropriate – a new internal comms system will be place soon to help with this.

I'm pretty sure I will get there, I just need to bed in a bit and get my head around the volunteer system and assess exactly what is needed.

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