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Day 85 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Friday, 26th March 2021

England played cricket again today and won! They won very convincingly by six wickets and were outstanding. I missed most of the India innings because I was at the foodbank, but it was great to watch England bat when I got home. Also, I’ve enlisted my first volunteer for The Dons Trust. I’m getting my sister to do the AFC Wimbledon live match commentary on Twitter. She loves Twitter. I personally hate it.

What: Foodbank volunteering
Organisation: The Fresh Food Bank

It was a fairly good haul for the most part at the foodbank this week, with about 70 families being helped – which is quite a busy week. There’s no foodbank next week because it’s Good Friday, and the church needs the hall in case of any overspill because restrictions are easing, and people will be able to worship for Easter. It seems somewhat ironic that they wouldn’t have a foodbank on Good Friday, but there are no other spaces nearby that we could host it at. I was talking to Steven about it, and he said the reason we have the church hall is because it’s not open for hire at the moment, so I really hope they’re able to carry on doing the foodbank when life goes back to ‘normal’, although I’m not sure anything will be normal for a very long time. Agatha made chicken and rice for everyone again, and it was really nice. I’m definitely going to give Agatha some tomato plants when they come on, but at the moment I’m not feeling particularly confident. The little seedlings don’t seem to be doing as well as they were – perhaps it’s because I’m trying different varieties this year…

What: Auction prize fulfilment
Organisation: Dons Local Action Group

Finally, I’m almost done with the auction! It feels like I’ve spent so much time on this, but it’s definitely worth it because by the time I’ve finished, we’ll have raised over £30,000. There are a few people left to pay, which is why we haven’t tipped over the £30k mark yet, but we’ll hopefully get there by the end of the weekend.


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