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Day 84 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Thursday, 25th March 2021

I’m not entirely sure where today has gone, it’s gone so quickly! It was a big OAPA day, with three different plates spinning on that charity. Then, a little more news from The Dons Trust...

What: Life Skills Hub Meeting with Wilko/Fundraising Committee/Crowdfunding Meeting
Organisation: Only A Pavement Away

Today, we met Linda from Wilko and, like every other person I’ve met from the Wilko HQ, she was so nice! Everyone who works at Wilko seems so happy, and they all seen to have been working there for such a long time that I wouldn’t mind getting a job there. Linda is really keen to support us with home starter kits and maybe some discount cards to support the OAPA members in getting back on their feet and settling into new homes and hospitality jobs. She sent us a request sheet where we can go through the website and pick some items so she can price them up and see what they can do for us. Really positive!
Afterwards, we had a fundraising committee meeting, to discuss the fundraising strategy that Karen has put together, and then we had a separate meeting on crowdfunding, which is related to that. We’re looking good for our launch in the mid-year, and with all the buzz that should be going on around the Life Skills Hub, we will hopefully be able to raise a lot of money for our members.

What: Role Confirmation
Organisation: The Dons Trust

Today I also met with Niall and Xavier from The Dons Trust to discuss what my new role as Professional Dons Volunteer Manager will entail. It's so weird, because I've spoken to Xavier A LOT about the auction, and there's been a lot of texting back and forth too, but I've never met him, even on Zoom! Today I did though. Essentially, the Dons Trust have a huge pool of volunteers from fans, the current organisations that sit within the club - AFC Wimbledon Foundation, DLAG, Wimbledon in Sporting history - and more. They also have some open roles that need to be filled and a volunteer management system which needs populating – and I’m the one to do it. Initially it’s a six month role, but I feel like it could be a really good step towards managing volunteers within the sports industry. Also, even though it’s a remote role, if I do go down to Plough Lane it’s only a two mile walk, and it would be lovely to get down to some games when they allow crowds in again.

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