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Day 82 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Tuesday, 23rd March 2021

One year a volunteer! It’s been a year since we went into lockdown, which means it’s a been year since my freelance work dried up and a year since I decided to start this blog and be a volunteer for 'a while'. I’ve loved my sabbatical, and while I’m actively looking for work, I’m only applying for jobs that I feel that I will absolutely love. The reason for this is that I don’t want to mess-up all the hard work I’ve put in over the last year which has had a great impact on my mental health, despite how difficult this year has been in other senses.

What: Fulfilment of Auction Lots
Organisation: Dons Local Action Group

I spent a couple of hours fulfilling auction prizes from the DLAG auction, getting in touch with the winning bidders after yesterday finding out where their prizes are. I’m still not in touch with anyone from AFC Wimbledon yet, but I’ve contacted the people who’ve won the tickets to let them know that I’m on it. I want to get in touch as soon as possible because that’s what I would want as a bid winner. Speaking of which, it’s been two weeks since I was contacted about winning an Oval Invincibles shirt and it’s not come yet. I think I’ll leave it until the end of the week before I contact them to follow-up.

What: Telephone Befriending
Organisation: Age UK

It’s Lady T’s birthday today! It was good to call her to wish her happy birthday, although slightly dulled by the lockdown anniversary we are also marking – I still cannot believe we’ve been in lockdown for a whole year. I sent Lady T a birthday card with bumble bees on it that my son painted, but she couldn’t tell that they were bees (we had a slightly awkward “what are they?” conversation), but she did enjoy the fact he’d written his name in the card and that was actually legible. She’s not feeling very well at the moment, but luckily her son is going over to check on her later today. I've offered to go shopping for her or get her anything she needs, it must be incredibly frustrating.

What: Google AdWords
Organisation: Doorstep Library

This was a Zoom call to go through the Google AdWords plan I’d set-up for the Doorstep Library team, and it turned into an impromptu lesson, with me as the teacher. All of my Google swotting in the past week has really paid off because I was able to explain my plan quite fluently, and they told me that they’d learned something – yay! This made me really happy. Only a few tweaks needed before I can publish the ads, and I’m also going to work on a guide to Google Analytics for them too. I think it will make really good blog material.

There was also cricket today, England vs. India in a one-day series of three matches. Being day/nighters, all of the matches are on at a really convenient time too, starting at 8am and finishing at around 5pm, meaning I get the fantastic company of cricket in the background. It started off really well, until we lost a flurry of wickets and collapsed to lose by 66 runs. Remarkably, it was Ben Stokes' first match since that incredible World Cup Final game against New Zealand. There's another ODI on Wednesday. I really hope we win!

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