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Day 80 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Sunday, 21st March 2021

Day 80! I’m really getting there! I can’t believe I’m actually 80% of the way through my challenge, and what surprises me even more is that I’ve managed to stay up-to-date with my daily blog posts and social media posts throughout the entire challenge (albeit with the odd one-day delay here and there). I haven’t posted as many regular blog posts as I’d have liked, but I do feel like I’ve been adding value to lots of charities who need it.

What: Google AdWords
Organisation: The Donkey Haven Charity

On the back of the Google certification I passed on Friday, I put myself to work on some Google Ads for The Donkey Haven Charity. I’m finding it a lot easier since I’ve been swotting-up on the Google certifications on the Skillshop, and the more I practise Google Ads, the easier it is. I know that what I just wrote is completely obvious, but sometimes you just forget how practise makes perfect. It came to me when I was out running recently that even though I’ve done two half marathons and know I’m capable of enjoying running that far, there’s no way I could straight out run a half marathon right now because I haven’t trained properly in ages, (which is why I’m practising). The same goes with AdWords – I’m getting better at it and I’m enjoying it more.

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