Day 75 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Tuesday, 16th March 2021

Three quarters of the way through my challenge now! I really am starting to feel like I’m on the home strait now, and I also feel like I've come such a long way. The cricket is back on with another T20 versus India. It’s been remarkable how quickly this pitch has deteriorated – yet again – so unsurprisingly, the team that won the toss won the match. Luckily, it was England this time.

What: Registering for Google AdWords
Organisation: The Donkey Haven Charity

New charity alert! This charity has a cause close to my heart – donkeys. I grew up in Weston-super-Mare, so when I was introduced to Karen from The Donkey Haven Charity in Devon, I was immediately intrigued. It’s a brand new charity, and I’ve actually been in touch with Karen for a few months now. They have had all sorts of hiccups around securing property and keeping donkeys away from the slaughterhouse until they could move into their farm in Devon, but now, everything is sorted, and they can finally start accepting their new equine residents. I’m helping them with Google AdWords, so that by the time they are able to start accepting visitors, they’ll be hitting the top of the page in the Google searches.

What: YouTube Graphics
Organisation: Charity Excellence Framework

Today, I also created some more YouTube graphics for Ian at the CEF. Ian has had over 25,000 YouTube views on his videos in the last year, and he also has 14,000 charities signed-up to use his service, making it one of the largest databases in the charity sector. He’s got a really steady organic growth rate, with about 600-800 new charities joining each month, but I’m thinking that he will all of a sudden see monumental growth when he reaches a certain number – I just don’t know what that tipping point will be! The more charities that sign-up, the more views he will get on the YouTube channel, so the more likely it will be that he’ll be able to make revenue out of the channel, which will be great for pushing the CEF forward.

It’s a Tuesday, so normally I’d speak to Lady T, but there wasn’t an answer. I’ll try her again on Friday. Today, I also did some Google AdWords training. At the moment, I’m only really interested in using the Ad Grants portion of Google AdWords that is relevant to charities because as a part of the Ad Grant you only get to use a limited portion of the platform. In order to get my qualification though, I have to go through every single aspect of AdWords, which, while interesting, is quite time-consuming. If they want more charities to take up AdWords, they ought to do a limited version of the training so that people can get to know the platform. It would help charities out A LOT.