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Day 72 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Saturday, 13th March 2021

Even though it’s been reasonably active on the old WhatsApp group today, I’ve taken a break from the DLAG auction today while I wait for Katy to do some imagery and I can upload everything and tweak the descriptions all in one go. Bristol Rovers played at home to AFC Wimbledon today and drew 0-0. Both teams have new gaffers and both teams are battling relegation – AFCW are sat at the rock bottom of League One and Rovers are one point away from the drop zone.

What: Google AdWords
Organisation: Transforming Autism Project

I managed to get 45 minutes to create some ads for TAP and the March For Autism campaign while my son was out in the garden with my partner ‘helping’ him build. This largely consisted of my son running around with the broom and re-enacting ‘Room on the Broom’ which he can recite from memory, he loves it so much. It’s also quite hilarious when he does this, and adorably distracting. Anyway, the ads are created, and hopefully they will work to attract more people to take part in our fundraiser.

What: YouTube Thumbnail
Organisation: Charity Excellence Framework

I also spent a few minutes on a super-quick job for Ian at CEF, creating a YouTube thumbnail image, which means he’s got some new content coming out. Basically, this is another amazing freebie for anyone who is looking for good advice about how to get most out of running your charity.

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