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Day 71 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Friday, 12th March 2021

I was back at the foodbank today and had a really productive morning there. When I got home, it gave me great pleasure to get the cricket on, because we are back! England managed to thrash India by eight wickets in the T20, and it was on at a really good time – coverage started at 12.30pm. I’m feeling more relaxed already, having the cricket back…

What: Volunteering at the foodbank
Organisation: The Fresh Food Bank

We had a great haul this week at the foodbank with lots of fresh fruit and veg in. There were even extra apples for me to take home to my son (the only year-round fruit he will always eat). The donors were really generous in comparison to last week, and we managed to help around 60 families today. Steven was on good form today as, and we had a good chat about compost. He keeps his composter at the back of the church and was trimming the cauliflowers so that he could have the leaves for it. Agatha, who is one of the councillors, made a chicken and chickpea curry for everyone and it was bloody spicy; she’s from the Caribbean so I was expecting lots of flavour, but not quite so much of a punch – it was delicious though.

What: Auction Listings
Organisation: Dons Local Action Group

We’re getting there! I’ve pretty much finalised all of the copy for the auction listings, with just a few more to go as I await details from the donors. I’ve got Katy from the fundraising team helping me with some imagery, and once that’s done, it’s going to be pretty straightforward to have this project ready for Saturday 20th – my part will be completed by close of play Monday.

What: London Zoo Volunteer Steward Engagement and Safeguarding online training
Organisation: ZSL London Zoo

I signed-up to volunteer at London Zoo last August, but STILL haven’t managed to do a shift there yet, which is quite remarkable really. I feel like a bit of a jinx with this one, in that every time I sign-up for a volunteer shift there, we go into lockdown before I can actually get down there to do a shift. I’ve done all the orientation and training, but I haven’t been given my red fleece yet and I haven’t been able to get out on the beat at London Zoo. What’s strange, is that I had been preparing myself for winter shifts and standing in the freezing cold, when I’ll probably be volunteering there in the summer. The training today was just an hour-long refresh on the safeguarding training we did during the initial induction. I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to get to the zoo soon!

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