Day 68 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Tuesday, 9th March 2021

Another busy day! I got out of the house though, which is more than I did yesterday. It was an Age UK morning, where I went shopping for Lady S and called Lady T, then I had planned to spend some time on the DLAG auction, but was interrupted by a surprise Zoom call…

What: Shopping for my neighbour
Organisation: Age UK

Lady S is doing very well at the moment. She’s had the Covid jab and is feeling good about it. We had a bit of a catch-up as I haven’t seen her in a couple of weeks, but weirdly there wasn’t much to catch-up on because nothing seems to be changing at the moment. We’re both looking forward to the summer, and I’ll probably give her one of my cherry tomato plants which you can grow on a windowsill (Lady S lives in a flat).

What: Telephone befriending:
Organisation: Age UK

Lady T’s still fighting away and can’t wait to get her second jab. She’s been finding it tough lately, which was compounded by her dropping a full mug of coffee all over her kitchen floor for it to explode everywhere (this is a challenge for anyone to clean up, but when you’re disabled, it’s a nightmare). She was enraptured by the Meghan and Harry interview last night. I gave it a miss. My partner point blank refuses to watch it and I’m not that bothered either way. Really, whatever happens is their business and, to be honest, who knows how much of what anyone says is true. From what I’ve seen on the press, I feel awful that there are people out there who are not taking Meghan’s mental health issues or suicidal thoughts seriously. No one can possibly understand depression or suicidal thoughts unless they’ve been through them, so it’s not really for anyone to comment on something so deeply personal. I've worked enough hours on Shout to realise that you can only try to be compassionate and trust that they are telling the truth about how they're feeling.

What: Auction Listings
Organisation: Dons Local Action Group

This is starting to shape up, but the more I get into this project, the more there seems that needs to be done! The deadline for the auction lots to be uploaded onto the online platform in the next couple of days, but we’re really pushing it on time because there are more and more lots coming in! I feel like I need to take a bit of a break on it, but because I’m totally committed, I really need to see it through and complete it to the best of my ability.

What: Zoom meeting about a fundraiser
Organisation: Only A Pavement Away

I thought this meeting was tomorrow, so I was quite surprised to receive a text from Karen to ask whether or not I was joining the fundraising meeting. Our conversation was with one of the OAPA hospitality recruitment partners who want to organise an event for the Easter Weekend – the Hospitality Lockdown 48 Hour Relay. This is essentially a 48 hour relay race where people will be joining a team to do an hour of exercise each over the course of 48 hours. It’s a bit of a challenge because we only have a week or so to get it up and running so people have enough time to put together teams. You’ll hear more on that soon… Luckily, I was told later by Karen that Greg had indeed told me that the meeting was on Wednesday, so I felt like less of a divvy for not turning up straight away.