Day 67 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Monday, 8th March 2021

Happy International Women’s Day! I had a remarkably productive day today, with most of it being taken up with one event - the #WomensVoices event with Media Trust. It was a great to be a part of it and I made friends with a new charity called Imara, who you will probably be seeing more of. I also managed to get a couple of other quick jobs done for a couple of other charities too - I am on fire!

What: International Women’s Day Event
Organisation: Media Trust and Imara

For International Women's Day, Media Trust (the charity that works with the media and creative industry to partner professionals with small charities) took 30 of their partner charities and organised a half-day event where they could spend a few hours talking through the communications challenges they have with a group of 3-4 comms and media volunteers. It started at 10am, and finished at 2.30pm, and all the charities had submitted briefs that the volunteers could pre-read and understand their challenges better.

All of the charities featured have women at the heart of their cause, and I was paired with a charity called Imara. Imara is an independent specialist service that supports children, young people and their safe family members following a disclosure or discovery of child sexual abuse. They aim to empower and promote the recovery of children, young people and their families affected by child sexual abuse. They are an incredible charity based up in Nottingham, and they were in need of some guidance in their social media and digital tone of voice. With me were Belinda, who works for a marketing agency called Merkle; Sally, who runs her own agency called Saltoria and Lorna, who works for Hearst Content (part of the magazines empure. There were two representatives from the charity, Vimbai and Alice and we worked really well for the best part of three hours on honing their digital strategy, asking questions of them and discussing the best ways in which they could overcome their challenges. I also got to talking to them about Google Ad Grants, and will be separately helping them to set that up and get on board with it.

It was a really good day, and it was good to spend some time really focussed on one project with a group of new people. It finished a little earlier than I expected though, so I was able to get a little more done with my day before my son returned home from school.

What: Graphics Updates
Organisation: Charity Excellence Framework

This was such a quick and easy job, it’s almost not worth writing about, but I am writing about it because it emphasises that you don’t have to do much to make a difference to someone’s day. With this job I created some YouTube thumbnails for some new videos that Ian’s created for his channel. It was easy because I’d already created some thumbnails previously, so I was able to amend a template to create some new ones. The CEF YouTube channel now looks properly consistent and rather smart if do I say so myself.

What: Auction Listings
Organisation: Dons Local Action Group

I was also able to start organising the DLAG auction prizes for the Donate account manager. I’d received a long list, but it wasn’t particularly well-organised given that I need to organise the lots in order of value. We have about 40 lots so far for our auction, but I'm thinking that some of the lots will work really well as bundles. For example, we've got five lots of signed balls, signed shirts, signed books and pairs of tickets (all to AFC Wimbledon, natch), so I figured why not all bundle them together to make one amazing Ultimate Fan Bundle? I'm sure it will raise more money for DLAG, but I am awaiting confirmation. This is all work in progress...

In other amazing bonuses today, I won an Oval Invincibles shirt from The Hundred, the new cricket franchise tournament. I’m well-chuffed, as that’s the second email comp I’ve won with the ECB. I previously won England v Pakistan test tickets in 2018 and went to Lord’s with my sister (I’ve never been so drunk at the cricket). Whenever I look at the Oval Invincibles logo though, I always think of the National Lottery logo. Maybe it’ll give me some luck.

Finally, my brother in-law, Nick, totally came through on helping to procure some surplus stock for the Only A Pavement Away Life Skills Hub. He works in procurement and deals with their contract caterers and has managed to get us an ‘in’ with Bunzl who are a huge supplier to the hospitality industry. Fingers-crossed something will come of it!