Day 63 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Thursday, 4th March 2021

World Book Day turned out to be a resounding success, and we managed to get my son to wear his costume and not complain about it! I had quite a busy day today, but I’ve finally managed to sort out all of the text donations for DLAG and I’ve also made a start on the auction set-up for CWB and Bat For A Chance. It was a reasonably productive day!

What: Text Message Donations
Organisation: Dons Local Action Group

This project turned out to have a few unexpected speedbumps in that it started to prove rather difficult to set-up £10, £20 and £30 donations in the same campaign (this has something to do with the coding in their system, and I’m not going to bore you with how they manage to get around the coding). The fact is, it’s all set-up now, and if you would like to make a £10, £20 or £30 to the Dons Local Action Group, you can text DONS10, DONS20 or DONS30 to 70191. Now, it’s onto the auction, and I’m eagerly waiting for Xavier to send me a list of the prizes that he’s managed to procure. It’s all coming together now, which is good because there’s only a little over two weeks to go…

What: March For Autism Catch-up
Organisation: Transforming Autism Project

This was a quick catch-up with the TAP group, just to get a hold of what’s going on in the March for Autism campaign. It’s now launched, and the comms has started going out! I’ve signed my son up for the sponsored walk, as I think it’s likely that he’ll be able to raise a larger amount of money than me. The project has already raised £685, which I think is really awesome. Our target is £5,000, which means we’re 14% of the way there – and I feel really confident that as a team we’ll smash it (the URL is if you fancy making a donation…)

What: Organising an online auction
Organisation: Bat For A Chance and Cricket Without Boundaries

It’s been really easy working with the Donate platform on the National Funding Scheme for the DLAG project, so I’ve begun the process of registering CWB onto the platform. It’s pretty straightforward, although I’m awaiting some charity documentation so I can finish the set-up. I’ll be doing that tomorrow.

Rumbling away in the background are my latest Google AdWords projects with Reverse The Trend and eQuality Time. The two student groups seem really good, and tomorrow I will be setting RTT up on Google Analytics so that I can get a top optimisation score on our account. I will be wishing myself luck with that!