Day 61 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Tuesdsay, 2nd March 2021

My sister has taken some holiday from work, so today we went for a loooong walk. According to my iWatch, I walked almost 14 miles. We walked from Streatham to Trafalgar Square, had lunch, and came back. My legs are absolutely killing me now and I need a good stretch. It’s a good thing that the half marathon we signed-up for in May has been moved to August – we’d never have been prepared. Now we just have to pray for some summer rain on race day…

What: Telephone Befriending
Organisation: Age UK

I called Lady T when we were walking through Waterloo Station. We went through the station because Suzy needed the loo, and it was a good place to take a seat and have a bit of a rest. I haven’t been to Waterloo in over a year, so it was strange to be walking through it and even stranger to see it so quiet at 11am on a Tuesday. Lady T was absolutely fine and is now looking forward to the real beginning of spring. I found out that on 23rd March, not only will it be a year since the start of the first lockdown, but it will also be Lady T’s birthday. I’ll have to get my son to help make her a card.

What: One Year Anniversary
Organisation: Dons Local Action Group

We’ve registered for the text donations, and we’re now awaiting approval to set up the individual event. Xavier from DLAG is collecting auction prizes at a rate of knots and has managed to get loads from the AFC Wimbledon football club, including dinner with a legend, signed shirts and a hospitality box for a game (when people are allowed in). This is awesome, because Plough Lane is all shiny and new and it’ll be amazing when people are able to get in to watch the games. This project will probably continue over the next few days, as I set-up the text giving and Xavier gives me the auction lots to list on the site... I'll keep you posted, as you may want to bid.