Day 60 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Monday, 1st March 2021

It’s the first day of spring, so I was able to flip my calendar over to a photo of my son cleaning a window. I’ve also hit another milestone, being 60% of the way through my challenge which feels like a nice little win! March is Women’s History Month, so I’m really pleased to have made a start on a project which will be taking place next Monday, on International Women’s Day.

What: International Women’s Day, Charity Challenge Briefing
Organisation: Media Trust

About a month ago, I registered with Media Trust to take part in an event for International Women’s Day on 8th March. It’s called ‘Women’s Voices’, and Media Trust has organised for 30 charities that focus on causes related to women to be paired up with comms experts from a wide variety of backgrounds, including advertising planners, communication strategists and magazine journalists (and, well… me). The charities give the volunteers a comms brief, letting them know what their comms challenges are, and on IWD, we will spend a few hours working with the charity on ways in which we can help them overcome their challenges. I’ve been grouped with three other volunteers, and our charity is called Imara. Imara is a specialist charity in Nottingham that supports children, young people and their family following a disclosure of child sexual abuse. They’ve got some challenges around content that they need help with, and I’m really looking forward to the project next week. I’m hoping to make some new friends and learn some new things… you will hear more next week!

What: Welcome Pack
Organisation: Transforming Autism Project

Today, I did the final, FINAL version of the Welcome Pack for Transforming Autism Project’s March For Autism campaign. It was a few simple tweaks, as we’ve decided to go with a different fundraising platform (Enthuse) and we’re including Norland College’s logo (TAP is partnering with them to develop a family services programme to launch in the mid-year). Founded in 1892, Norland is world-famous for providing early years training and education – the Royals all have nannies from Norland. They have very distinctive brown and beige uniforms, and there is a smack of the Mary Poppins about them. I think it’s an amazing coup to be partnering with them on this, and hopefully we’ll be able to recruit a few fundraisers from the Norland alumni.