Day 59 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Sunday, 28th February 2021

After a busy final week in February, the eve of Spring takes me on to my weekly crisis volunteering shift with Shout 85258. I’m almost two thirds into the 100 Day Challenge and the longer it goes on, the quicker it feels like it’s passing. I’ve completed almost 100 hours of volunteering with Shout since last October, and I’m not sure where the time has gone...

What: Crisis Volunteering
Organisation: Shout 85258

I began my shift by listening to The Point by Harry Nilsson. It’s one of his lesser-known albums and is actually a musical. There’s a movie version narrated by Ringo Starr which my son kinda likes, but mainly because of the fact he recognises Ringo’s voice from Thomas The Tank Engine. The first two Thomas seasons with the original stories and models are definitely the best. I imagine the Rev. Wilbert Awdry would be turning in his grave if he knew about recent episodes where there are trains that fly – he was a bit of a purist when it came to steam trains.

The Point is reasonably short and sweet, and for my next choice I thought I’d surprise myself and put my hand out to the record shelf to pick out a random record. In doing so, I ended up with Cliff Richard, Private Collection (1979-1988). I have no idea why I bought this record (it was definitely me, because there’s no way my partner would have chosen this) but I do quite like Cliff. Wired For Sound is a really good song, even though when listening to it I can’t get the image of him on roller skates out of my head. Whenever I think of Cliff Richard, I’m reminded of former England cricketer Nick Knight. Once you can see the resemblance, it’s difficult to unsee. I feel like there was a real lockdown opportunity for Nick Knight to have grown his hair to see how well he could wear a quiff. There was a LOT of filler on the album (it’s a double album), but it was really good background though as it was a busy shift, and I could ignore it quite easily. Except for Mistletoe and Wine. That’s the last track, and it was weird listening to Christmas music on the last day of February. I’m amazed I made it all the way through the album to be honest.

After the Cliff album, I had to listen to something that I knew had no filler on it. So, I picked The Stone Roses’ eponymous album. It’s on white vinyl, which is cool, and is as near perfect an album to listen to as you can get. I can’t actually remember the last time I listened to it, perhaps because it’s one of our go-to car albums when we’re travelling to see parents. It was really good for the Shout shift though because I had some difficult conversations and when you take a deep breath in between the convos, it’s nice to have the Stone Roses for company.

In other news, the DLAG One Year Anniversary Project Group has been rumbling away in the background... it’s now been decided that we ARE doing a raffle, and it’s going to be a text message raffle. This means that it’s like the text pledge, only they might get something in return for donating. I feel like we're flip-flopping a bit, so one of my jobs next week will be to help solidify the plan for the event. It's in 20 days, so time is ticking.