Day 58 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Saturday, 27th February 2021

Despite it still being February, the weather was gloriously warm today, and I was able to do some more garden prepping for my Tomato Project this year. I’m planning on sowing my tomato seeds next week, as my dad always plants his in the first week of March. I also think it’s a really good way to mark the first day of spring. Also, we received delivery of the new Maximo Park album, which came with some Maximo Park-branded tomato seeds. It's serendipity really, they will have to be planted soon.

What: Google AdWords
Organisation: Dons Local Action Group

I thought I’d create some ads to help promote the DLAG anniversary, which is coming up in about three weeks. The conversation in the planning group has also been really active, and I’ve been messaging Rosie, the head of fundraising, on and off all day about how we’re going to host the fundraising. We’re definitely going for the text messaging and Just Giving, but Rosie also wants to try some donation stations where people can tap their card and donate at the supermarket stalls. I think this will work in some of the more affluent areas like Wimbledon and Balham, but I told Rosie that in all honesty I’m not sure it will work somewhere like my local Morrisons in Mitcham. We’re going to give it a go though. DLAG collects roughly £3k per month in coin donations at the supermarket stalls, which is remarkable, considering that not many people carry cash anymore. I have a feeling the text message donations will work well. I really hope so anyway!

There was also a bit of action on the Cricket Without Boundaries and Bat For A Chance front today, but not enough that I would count it as an actual volunteer task. We’re going to start promoting the quiz this week, as it’s just over a month away now, and I’m keen to start promoting the fact that we’ve managed to get Mattchin Tendulkar to do a couple of quiz rounds for us. I also want to run any promo stuff by Matt so that we get the messaging right, and don't mess up with the comms. Matt is trying out a brand new quiz format on us, which, while exciting, I want to get a heads-up on so that we can get the logistics right via Zoom on the night (for Tailenders fans, that's Lambgistics, not logistics). I'm going to start prepping the plan for the night this week because I want to be able to really look forward to this event.