Day 56 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Thursday, 25th February 2021

Today was a really good day, as I was able to move on some projects that I had started, and also got some feedback on another role that I’d applied for. The weather was good enough for walking, which set me in good stead for today’s first volunteer task. It was actually really good to get out, because staying in to watch the cricket would have been really depressing.

What: Planning a fundraiser
Organisation: Dons Local Action Group

This morning, I went to Plough Lane, Home of AFC Wimbledon! I live about two miles away, so I decided to walk it which was really good exercise, and it was fantastic to visit because it’s a brand new stadium, which hasn’t yet been christened by fans. My team, Bristol Rovers, were the first competitive visitors to the new stadium back in early December and beat the Dons 4-2. We skimmed over that as, let’s face it, both teams are currently doing terribly. I had a socially-distanced meeting with the project team for the one year anniversary of DLAG so that we could see the scene for the fundraiser, which will be streamed live on YouTube on 20th March.

After all of my research on raffles, it’s now been decided that we’re not doing a raffle, we’re going to be doing a text message campaign where we can encourage people to donate by texting as they are watching. The idea is to be kind of like a mini Children in Need, only ours will be hosted by AFCW and Bristol Rovers legend John Scales and not the considerably more glamorous Alex Scott. We can also use the text number to encourage people to donate money at the DLAG supermarket stalls where we collect food, so we’ll probably raise more money in the long-term.

By the time I got home, England had been bowled-out of their second innings for 81. For the non-cricket fans who have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s really bad. Basically, the test match, which was meant to last for five days, didn’t even make it to two full days. I think it’s a record for the shortest test match ever.

What: Google Online Marketing Challenge Meeting
Organisation: Reverse The Trend

I applied for the GOMC for RTT last week, and we’ve been matched with a group who have the same professor as my eQuality Time group! So strange, I was looking at Eduardo (my new mate) and was like, ‘hey, I know you!’. He seems to really know his stuff about AdWords, and now that we’re mates I feel comfortable asking him any questions that I might have about AdWords. At least I know the AdWords account will be in really good hands, as Eduardo seems like a really good tutor, and his groups seem really thorough in their research.

In other news…
My application for Childline has been accepted and I’ve been asked in for an interview! I am awaiting further instruction, but I’m looking forward to a new challenge and I think I’ll be able to learn so much through this experience. I also applied for a volunteer role at the Rugby League World Cup which is taking place in November. Very exciting, as rugby league is a really fast-paced game, and it sounds like fun.