Day 52 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Sunday, 21st February 2021

Today was another beautiful day and it involved more garden time. Now that we are on the very cusp of spring, I’m starting to feel like we’re starting to make our way out of the tunnel. I baked a cake with my son, and there was some really good football on in the background – a pleasant day for all, despite the lockdown!

What: Fundraising Research
Organisation: Various charities – using the Charity Excellence Framework Funder Tool

Today, I wanted to be able to do something in the kitchen with my laptop which would allow for me to keep an eye on my son while he was playing outside in his sandpit with his trains (obviously, this was pre and post cake baking). I have been wanting to have a good search through the Charity Excellence Framework’s new funding set-up ever since Ian relaunched it at the beginning of the year and today felt like a good time to start. It’s one of the jobs I’ve taken on for DLAG anyway, and I figured that as I’m working with such a huge variety of charities that I thought it would make sense to look at all the lists and siphon the potential funds into different spreadsheet tabs that are relevant to each charity. Ian has built up an incredible resource for fundraisers and works so hard to keep it updated.

The Local Seed and Veg Swap WhatsApp group has been extremely active today! The subject is trees, and someone started it all off by saying to the group that she wanted to offload a lemon tree. It was snapped up in an instant, with a few people being gutted to miss out on it. Luckily for them, my sister is tree-obsessed, and in spite of the fact she lives in a one-bedroom flat, she has been cultivating trees and creating her own mini-forest. It just so happens that Suzy has a few lemon trees, some Golden Delicious trees and goodness knows how many oak and maple trees. I’m going to be the conduit between the Veg Swap group and my sister the tree dealer.