Day 50 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Friday, 19th February 2021

I’m halfway through my challenge! This is a huge milestone for me, and I feel so pleased. Today was a much busier day than yesterday, and productivity was a real struggle, and this makes me feel really glad that I’ve got this challenge to help ensure that I end each day having done something useful.

What: Google Ads
Organisation: Reverse The Trend

Today, I did some keyword research and set up a couple of ads to direct people to donate to Reverse The Trend. It’s such a great little charity, but they find it difficult to get regular donations from the everyday donor because the focus of the charity doesn’t exactly pull at the heart strings – it’s a science-led charity which designs programmes to combat obesity and the subject matter can be quite dry for some people. I think it’s a fascinating charity though, and I’m really enjoying digging a little bit deeper into what they do. They get the main bulk of their funds from the government, but with everything happening with Covid, the Treasury is going to be keeping the purse strings tight because of the focus on the economy and getting that kicked back into shape. Hopefully, my ads will help them get a bit of traffic to their donations page.

I also had a catch-up with Will from Bat For A Chance, who’s got a lot going on with his charity. He’s got exams next week, so will probably be a bit quiet, but he's got some really good potential partners who will be able to help promote his cause. I think both BFAC and Cricket Without Boundaries would benefit from some high-profile cricket personalities coming on board to support them. When you look at the other large cricket charities (MCC Foundation, Chance to Shine etc.) they all have support from high-level support from England stars who have large social media followings, so we're going to work on that.

In more auction news though, I’ve made friends with someone at The Hundred, so hopefully we’ll be able to get some good swag from them. Also, Lee’s been in touch with some people at Durham, so keeping our fingers crossed for some Ben Stokes booty (highly desirable, so highly unlikely). Also, I can now confirm that Mattchin Tendulkar from the loosely-based cricket podcast Tailenders will be co-hosting our quiz! This is very exciting, as I'm hoping it will help us reach a large audience that is highly-engaged with cricket and we'll be able to hopefully recruit some new supporters as a result. It happened because I reached out on LinkedIn and he got back to me! I was quite surprised by how quickly he got back to me, and he's really keen to help us. Quizzing is his thing, as he's always coming up with new quizzes for Tailenders. I'd love for him to talk about the charities on the podcast, as again, it'll help us reach a highly-engaged cricket audience. I'll keep you posted on that one.

I tried calling Lady T again today, but no answer. I really hope she’s doing okay. If I don't hear anything next Tuesday, I'll probably call Age UK to see if they can check-in and see if she's alright. It's difficult, because I want to be sure that she's doing alright, but I don't want to be too intrusive - there's a balance, and it might be that she just didn't feel like talking.