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Day 49 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Thursday, 18th February 2021

Today was quite a difficult as I was had to juggle everything around, and I’m amazed that I managed to get anything done, what with a trip to the park, spelling, trashing the garden and building a ‘garden house’ (mini greenhouse) with my son. My partner has been super busy at work, so there’s not been an awful lot of wiggle room for volunteering. That being said, I did manage to have a short Zoom call with Transforming Autism Project, during which my son made a cameo, and I started on a new volunteer journey with the Kent and East Sussex Railway!

What: Google AdWords Introduction
Organisation: Kent and East Sussex Railway

This is a volunteer opportunity that has been in the pipeline for a while now, but my contact at the charity (and new friend) Helen caught Covid and caught it pretty badly. It turns out she had long Covid, which sounds horrific and affected her really badly. After some follow-up, and some positive recovery on Helen's part (hooray!) we’re back on! I’m into their AdWords account, and will be doing some keyword research in the coming days, but first I need to check that they’re properly set-up for AdWords, as the account hasn’t been used for a while. It’s a lovely charity, with old steam trains and a wonderful-looking railway museum. I really hope to visit at some point as my son is obsessed with trains.

What: Campaign meeting
Organisation: Transforming Autism Project

Today, we had a really quick meeting on Zoom to go through the final plan of attack for TAP’s fundraising campaign. It was all very straightforward, and Heather seems to have real strengths that plaster up where I’m not so strong, so we have a good team there. For #MarchForAutism, we’re asking our supporters to make their way up to 10k between 29th March and 11th April - which coincides with World Autism Awareness Week between 29th March-4th April. As we’re a children’s charity, we’d like to get children involved, so I’m going to enter my son for this. He’s five, and very energetic, so I’m sure he’ll be able to march his way to 10k – even if it takes two trips to the common (although I reckon we can do it in one). I’ll get the grandparents, aunty and uncles to sponsor and we can hopefully raise a modest amount for TAP.

The thing I’m really conscious of at the moment is I don’t want to constantly be asking people for money. Me and my sister are doing a half marathon in May for Prostate Cancer UK and we need to raise £700 between us, so I’m super-conscious that that will be quite a challenge for us. That being said, I think the bigger challenge will be running for circa two and a half hours with my sister because she hates running. I'm not sure we'll finish the race together, but I'm hoping we'll still be friends when we do get to the finish line.

Today, I also put makeup on for the first time this year because I had an interview with a charity for a trustee position. I won’t say which charity (in case I don’t get it), but it is a charity that I’ve worked with before who you will be familiar with if you’ve been keeping up with my blog. I really hope I get it, as it would be fantastic experience and a great way of formalising my volunteering with them. Watch this space!

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