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Day 47 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Tuesday, 16th February 2021

Day two of half term, and we are still absolutely loving the kinetic sand. It rained all day today, so we weren’t able to get out, but we’re hoping to get down to the common to feed some birds tomorrow with our wild bird feed. Today is a Tuesday, so I tried calling Lady T, but there was no answer. I’m going to try again tomorrow.

What: Created a LinkedIn Company Page
Organisation: Bat For A Chance

Bat For A Chance is now an official company on LinkedIn! It didn’t take long for me to set-up the page, and we already have eight followers (one of them is me). I’m still constantly amazed by the fact that Will is running this charity while doing his GCSEs. There’s so much to think about at that age, and sourcing and dispatching cricket equipment across the globe to disadvantaged children is certainly a lot more than your average adult could manage – let alone a teenager. I imagine he has incredibly supportive parents, who I might meet one day if my volunteering with BFAC continues (which I hope it does, because it’s a brilliant little charity).

In other news, my sister Suzy totally came through on the auction prize! She’s managed to procure two tickets to the Masters’ Snooker in 2022! I know we’re raising money for cricket charities, but this is such a great gift from her friend at World Snooker Tour.

BREAKING NEWS: As I write this Will has also messaged the project group to tell us that he’s got a vintage bat signed by Ian Botham (now Lord Sir Ian Botham) and David Gower (no such titles) and the rest of their team. So cool!

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