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Day 46 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Monday, 15th February 2021

It’s the first proper day of half term, so I’m relying on my partner’s lunch breaks and my son’s obsession with kinetic sand (best sensory toy ever) to allow me some windows to do my volunteering this week. Today, I was able to have a lunchtime catch-up with the DLAG fundraising team, as we haven’t caught-up in a while.

What: Fundraising Zoom Call
Organisation: Dons Local Action Group

It really feels like the fundraising team hasn’t met up in ages, so it was really good to catch-up with Rosie and Emma today. We’ve reached our previous fundraising target of £100k (slightly exceeded it) and we’re now starting to work on our new campaign (starting at zero). We’re also planning the regular giving campaign more fervently, although this will really come into fruition when the AFC Wimbledon fans are allowed back into Plough Lane - they make up a huge portion of our target audience for fundraising. My actions from the meeting were to continually check the Charity Excellence Framework for more funders, which works well for me because I can also check-in on Ian at the same time to see if he needs any help. I always continue to check in on the CEF anyway because it's a platform that helps all of the charities I work with. Also, if I spot anything on the website that needs a tweak, I’ll give him a hand with that.

We’re coming up to the one year anniversary of DLAG, so I’m also acting as a conduit between the marketing and fundraising teams (I’m basically on both WhatsApp groups and can pass on any messages). They have a lot of volunteers, so it's sometimes really difficult to keep up with the threads, but I get there eventually.

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