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Day 41 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Wednesday, 10th February 2021

As well as my regular volunteer task, today, I applied to be a volunteer pen pal. This will enable me to make use of the fountain pen that I got for Christmas and also do some physical writing. The only thing I seem to write nowadays is notes to my son's teacher via his communication book and shopping lists and I think it will feel good to get away from digital and back to analogue. I just hope I won't end up with repetitive strain injury.

What: Google AdWords
Organisation: Transforming Autism Project

Today, I gained access to the TAP AdWords account, as the person who is currently looking after it is off sick at the moment and we need to set-up some ads for the March for Autism campaign. Thinking about it, I’d really like to get an official Google AdWords qualification, as I’d like something official to show for my hard work. Plus, it should cover off everything that I’ve missed or don’t know. I think I’ve got my head around Tag Manager now, but it would be good to have the whole Google set and be trained in everything. It's a skill that is extremely valuable and takes a lot of work to understand, but once you get it you can work with any type of business.

Things are really moving at pace with this March for Autism campaign. We're having a meeting tomorrow to confirm all of the dates for the campaign and the comms plan which Heather (my new Aussie friend) has put together. Until I have further instructions, I shall be carrying on with keyword research.

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