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Day 39 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Monday, 8th February 2021

Lots of Zooming today, I had four Zoom meetings! I saw 19 different people combined on those calls today, which feels like an awful lot of people, especially in this day and age. I'm not used to talking to so many people in such a short space of time. But today, I did, and all at my kitchen table.

What: Google AdWords Online Marketing Challenge Meeting
Organisation: eQuality Time

Today was the first meeting we had with our Spanish students, and I was slightly surprised to see that there were seven of them AND their professor was with them too. It was a pretty big Zoom call, but it was led really well by Hanna, their team leader, and I’m really pleased to see that they’re being quite closely supported by their professor. In my limited experience, the project tends to go better when the teacher is more hands-on.

What: Talk about TikTok
Organisation: Only A Pavement away

Today, me and Karen had a call with Emma Osman, who is one of our ambassadors at Only A Pavement Away. She’s really nice, and a lot better-versed in social media than me or Karen (she's an actress, so it a lot better with camera mediums than we are). In all honesty, I still don’t really know much about what the hell TikTok is or what the point of it is. It’s short form videos, and we’re working out how to incorporate them into our social media strategy – if we even need to. I prefer to stay away from social media if at all possible and like to be in the background for that sort of thing. You probably won’t catch me filming myself on TikTok, I barely put pictures of myself on Instagram.

What: Campaign Call
Organisation: Transforming Autism Project

Today, I met our two new fundraisers, and they’re both Aussie! I love and miss Australia so much, so I’m always happy to talk to Australians. We’re pretty much ready to go with the March for Autism campaign, we just need to execute it and organise the emails that will be going out and the scheduling of all the social posts. As mentioned previously to the OAPA guys, I prefer to stay away from social media posting. I’ll create all the content needed, because I like colours and pictures on Canva, but I really can’t be arsed to post because I just don’t like doing it. Especially with volunteering, I feel like it’s essential that I stick to my mantra of ‘if something’s not fun, don’t do it’. Social media just isn’t fun for me.

What: Quiz Call
Organisation: Cricket Without Boundaries and Bat For A Chance

We are inches closer to confirming our quiz host! We had a meeting with our potential quiz host (name to be announced when we’re 100% confirmed) but the person we’re talking to appears really keen to help. The quiz is really coming together, which feels pretty good and on the back of the success of the previous quiz, I’m hoping that we can really build on the amount of people who turn up. The maximum people you can have on a Zoom meeting is 1,000, which feels like a bit too many – especially as I’ll probably be helping to mark the answers. As a participant, I was on the winning team for the last two CWB quizzes. I’ll just be helping to organise this one.

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