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Day 36 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Friday, 5th February 2021

Test cricket is back on terrestrial telly again, and it’s India v England! A fantastic accompaniment to home working, and, given that the BBL is ending soon (tomorrow), very welcome. Root and Sibley had an excellent partnership going, although Sibley got himself out in the final over on 87. Root is going strong on 128 – he’s amazing.

What: Google AdWords Final Meeting
Organisation: Dons Local Action Group/AFC Wimbledon Foundation

Today, I had the final meeting with our Dutch students who were running ads on our Google AdWords account for their studies. It’s not been quite the same as it was with our German students and OAPA. They were a bit more hands-off, and I don’t feel like they quite grasped the essence of the charity in the same way as our friends from Stuttgart. The project itself was slightly more complicated in that we couldn’t quite get the conversions right, but also, they hadn’t set up anywhere near as many ads as the German group did, and they did have two websites to work with. On a more positive note, I am really getting the hang of AdWords and am enjoying the learnings.

What: Auction and Quiz Planning
Organisation: Bat For A Chance and Cricket Without Boundaries

We’ve had some developments in the quiz and auction event… I emailed someone who is slowly, but surely, becoming a cult hero in the cricket fan world in the hope that he might be able to help us by compering some of our quiz, and he answered! We’re having a Zoom meeting on Monday, and I need to prepare for it and create a brief so that I (and everyone else) can be prepared. Lee, Will and Ali from the charities are also joining the meeting, and I'd love to have this guy on board because I feel like he'd be a real draw as he has a lot of fans in the cricketing community. I realise that I haven't mentioned who he is, because I don't want to jinx it, but all will become clearer if Monday's meeting goes well. Apologies for the ambiguity of this post.

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