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Day 34 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Wednesday, 3rd February 2021

Today is my mum’s birthday. Of course, I can’t actually see her, and even if Covid wasn’t a thing right now I probably wouldn’t be seeing her. This is because she and my dad tend to go on month-long holidays to hot places (Australia or the Caribbean) for their birthday months which means they’re really struggling with lack of sunshine at the moment. In better news, the cricket is back on (tomorrow BBL, Friday India v England) and the England match will be shown on Channel 4, not Sky. I really hope they still have Athers, Nassar and Bumble.

What: Designing social graphics
Organisation: Only A Pavement Away

This was a nice, quick and easy job for OAPA, as I was gathering quotes from our website testimonial page and arranging social posts around them. Content-wise, we’re really gathering momentum, despite the fact that we don’t really have any major campaigns running at the moment. We’re concentrating on partnerships, and planning for the Life Skills Hub, which will be really great for helping the homeless when we come out of lockdown.

What: Shopping for my neighbour
Organisation: Age UK

It was good to see Lady S today and get out for a nice long walk to Asda, despite the drizzly rain. I’ve noticed the days getting lighter already, and with that, it always feels good to get out. Lady S seems to keep herself really well, despite the fact she can’t go out. She really takes pride in how she looks, and I've never seen her without makeup, even though she doesn’t see very many people at all. I really admire this because it’s really dignified – and shows a personal care that I clearly lack. I definitely haven’t worn makeup this year and can’t actually remember the last time I put it on. I quite like putting makeup on, but I find taking it off a real pain because it adds to what is generally a very simple night time regime.

What: Google AdWords
Organisation: The Doorstep Library

I’m finding that keyword research and setting-up ads is really relaxing. I’m thinking I’ve found the equivalent of 'useful relaxing' that my partner gets from sorting through his databases at work. What I’ve found is really great is that there isn’t much competition for their keywords, which bodes really well because it means we should see a lot of clicks on the ad. We’ll find out soon enough.

Boris Johnson led the ‘Clap for Captain Tom’ tonight, and while I’m upset about the fact Captain Tom has died, I always question the motives behind the prime minister coming out to lead anything at the moment - generally because he comes out for the nice things and leaves his minions to deal with anything truly major. ‘Clap for Carers’ was quite a powerful movement when they started it last year, but after a while I feel like it became a bit disingenuous (and, yes, political). It’s like people were saying, ‘look at how well I’m supporting the NHS by clapping on my doorstep’. If people want to support the NHS properly they should do it by following lockdown rules, donating some money to the NHS charities or by volunteering in some way.

We never actually participated in the original ‘Clap for Carers’ because it took place at 8pm every Thursday and that was when I’d just got my son out of the bath and was reading him stories. I wasn’t able to drag him downstairs to partake either, because his routine is really important – especially with his autism. I like how it brought neighbours out together once a week, but after a while it all felt a bit insincere, seeing Boris smugly clapping on the steps of No.10, when thousands of people were dying. I believe in supporting our NHS and bringing people together, I just choose to do it in my own way which feels like I’m contributing more than just noise.

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