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Day 33 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Tuesday, 2nd February 2021

I'm a third of the way into my challenge! Well, hasn't that gone quick? Today, I carried on with some TAP design-work and had a good old catch-up with Lady T. There’s been a fair bit going on in the local area, which makes a nice change, so me and Lady T had a chat about what's been going on in the news...

What: Telephone Befriending
Organisation: Age UK

Lady T and I both live in the same postcode, and it just so happens to be one of the eight national postcodes in which a case of the new South African variant of Covid has been found. Neither of us really know what’s going on, but I received a text message from my local councillor on the ward’s WhatsApp Group telling us that one case has been located about three miles away from where we live. It’s strange, because we were annoyed by the government’s lack of action at the beginning of the pandemic, and we’re annoyed by the ‘overaction’ of closing down an entire postcode for just one case. I wish they’d been this cautious at the beginning because then we might be in the same position as Australia. As don’t really go out that much, I’m not overly bothered by the lockdown of the postcode. Where I would be affected by it is if the school were to close and I’d be back to home schooling – as it is, we’re all good at the moment. We also talked about water pressure in the local area, and the fact it takes ages for water to heat up when we turn the hot tap on. My parents, who live in Weymouth, have the best water pressure I’ve ever experienced, and their shower nearly blows your head off. I love it.

What: Designing social graphics
Organisation: Transforming Autism Project

I put together some social posts for Transforming Autism Project and the March Into March campaign. At the moment, we’re struggling because volunteers keep dropping out and it’s becoming really difficult to keep it together. I’ve been doing my best, and the comms is all designed, but I can’t do everything alone. We’ve got another meeting on Thursday, and I really hope that there are more than three of us there because it’s important that the charity makes a success of it, otherwise they could fold. Also on my to-do list for TAP is to find some time to apply for some lottery funding for them, so once this campaign is launched (hopefully this Friday), I'm going to get onto that.

Captain Sir Tom died today of Covid, which is incredibly sad. He’s done an awful lot for keeping spirits up during a proper shitty time. I also feel sad because I've always felt a bit of an affinity with him because we share a birthday. Maybe I could go and raise £33m for charity one day – who knows? I just love the fact that he nailed his final year like an absolute legend. I really hope Boris Johnson doesn’t try to make political gains from Tom’s death. Tom was a veteran, grandad, dad and friend to so many, not a Tory pawn.

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