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Day 3 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Sunday, 3rd January 2021

Day 3 was a DLAG day, with Dons Local Action Group, and I undertook a small fundraising task that I had on my to-do list.

Today, I did a small job for the Dons Local Action Group, or DLAG as they are affectionately known. DLAG is a voluntary organisation made up primarily of AFC Wimbledon football fans and operates across South West London. They are affiliated with the AFC Wimbledon Foundation (who you will meet later in this series) but they act as a tactical response squad who help the local community when they are struggling. They have collection points at local supermarkets which they use to provide food banks (including my local one, who you will also meet at some point) and food parcels to local isolating families. They also provide laptops and tablets to kids in digital poverty and furniture to individuals and families who have either lost everything or are being rehomed.

Today, I was doing a quick little fundraising research job, finding out some deadlines so that we can apply for grants in January to help us raise some funds for operating costs, and following-up on a fund that we applied for back in September. It was a reasonably quick job, but one I could slip in quite easily as weekends are taken up with spending time with my son who has A LOT of energy.

I did this with the BBL ticking away in the background (Sydney Sixers versus Adelaide Strikers. Strikers lost a few early wickets and as I write this, they are 3/100. That’s not great in the 16th over of a T20 game). When I watch the BBL, I usually keep an open dialogue going on WhatsApp with a group of Australian lads I was friends with when I lived in Sydney between 2002-2006. This works out remarkably well because it’s somewhere between 8-11am my time and 7-10pm their time. The WhatsApp group is called The Shane Warne Fan Club, and you’ll probably hear more about them too. At the moment, Phil has actual Australian dollars on the Strikers to do well in this tournament. I support the Sixers. #GoSixers.

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