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Day 29 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Friday, 29th January, 2021

I’ve spent a fair bit of time on Zoom today with three calls and four charities – all about different things. The first was a charity called The Doorstep Library, and I will be helping them with their AdWords; the next was a volunteer information meeting with Childline (another new one for me) and the last was a meeting with Cricket Without Boundaries and Bat For A Chance about an online auction and quiz we're holding to raise money in April.

What: Introductory Zoom
Organisation: The Doorstep Library

New charity! This is a lovely small charity based in London that recruit and train volunteers who will usually (during non-Covid times) go to peoples’ houses and read to children in disadvantaged areas. This is to introduce families to the joy of reading and to inspire them to love it. I really love the idea of this charity, and it’s another one I found through the Media Trust. It’s also quite timely that I’m meeting them now, as they’re launching a new website in the next two weeks which will give me plenty of time to get to know them and also do some research around AdWords. Once we launch, we'll be pushing visitors towards a new and exciting website with a lot of great content.

What: Volunteer Information Meeting
Organisation: Childline

Earlier this month, I signed-up to hear more about volunteering with Childline. Childline and the NSPCC are the same organisation, and in a nutshell, the organisation exists to keep children safe. Childline is a safe place for children to go if they are in an unhappy situation and the NSPCC is where an adult would go to talk to someone about a child they are worried about. They also campaign on behalf of children to take forward any issues that children tell them they’re worried about. There were 81 participants on the call, meaning there were a lot of people who are interested in being Childline counsellors. Similar to Shout, it’s a huge commitment, and once you’re trained-up, they like you to commit to at least four hours a week.

It takes roughly four months to train as a Childline volunteer, one session a week which will last about four hours (although you can do it quicker if you are able to). The training takes place in the office and all the volunteers operate from the office, which is unusual, especially in times of Covid. What I find remarkable is that they’ve never closed the office, even for a day, since Covid hit. I find this remarkable because demand for services like this has certainly gone up since the world went into lockdown, so the fact they’ve been able to remain operational without really having to change what they offer is amazing. The reason I’m interested in volunteering with Childline is because this seems to be a really good way of being able to develop my own skills and help people at the same time. I’m really enjoying my time with Shout and want to be able to expand on that, and I feel like this will be a good way to do it.

What: Online Auction/Quiz
Organisation: Cricket Without Boundaries and Bat For A Chance

My last task for today was catching-up with the Lee and Ali CWB and Will from Bat For A Chance. Lee was a bit late, because he’s up in Huddersfield and the weather always impacts his internet. I used to go to West Yorkshire for my holidays when I was younger and loved it. We used to go to Hebden Bridge, which is where Ed Sheeran is from.

We were having a catch-up about the quiz/auction we’re holding in April. It’s been decided that although we’re holding the quiz on Wednesday 7th April, we’re going to close the auction on the 10th April, as it will give us a platform to finally promote it at the quiz and a few days for all the attendees to share it with their friends. Also, it feels serendipitous that we’re ending it then because that will mark day 100 of my #100Days. And raising money feels like a great way to celebrate. Between them, Will and Lee are going to get some really great prizes, as they have some good cricket contacts. I'm on the promotions side, and will be creating some branding around that. Let's see what the limits of Canva really are...

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