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Day 28 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Thursday, 28th January, 2021

Today was another OAPA and TAP day, which seems to be becoming the norm for my Thursday (in a nice way of course!). Fundraising really isn't easy at the moment, especially because every cause needs your money but it's so crucial because so many people need help right now.

What: Google Ads wrap-up convo
Organisation: Only A Pavement Away

This morning I had a catch-up with Karen abouot the last Google meeting we've got coming up with our German students because we need to offer them some feed back (SPOILER ALERT: we are very happy with how it all went). I also exported some website analytics and noticed that our traffic was up exponentially in December, which is great to see and means that the work we’ve been doing is paying off. Our German student friends need to take a large amount of credit for this, as they’ve done a superb job and I’m actually going to miss them.

What: March Fundraising catching up
Organisation: Transforming Autism Project

This was a meeting to discuss the March Into March fundraising campaign that we've planned to launch next week to raise much-needed funds for the charity. I’d already made a start by writing the copy for the Welcome Pack, and one of the team members had mocked-up some logos for the challenge, but after starting off with some decent momentum, we’ve fallen a bit flat in the last week. There were only three of us on today's call, whereas two weeks ago there were at least seven of us. It's become apparent that we really need this fundraising campaign to work, otherwise they could be running into real trouble financially. As I've committed to this project I'm going to give it my best shot at making this work as well as it possibly can, and hope we can reignite the momentum.

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