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Day 27 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Wednesday, 27th January, 2021

Today was a DLAG/AFCWF day and I was helping them in two ways; the first was a call about Google AdWords for Dons Local Action Group and the AFC Wimbledon Foundation, and secondly, I’ve been working on a regular giving plan for Dons Local Action Group to create a campaign to encourage donors to give on a monthly basis.

What: Google AdWords
Organisation: Dons Local Action Group/AFC Wimbledon Foundation

Today, we solved the mystery of the low optimisation score! Google likes to be able to track all the ads that we set-up and if there is no tracking code on the website to do this, they can’t do it. If they are unable to track the ads, they dock you points on your optimisation score, and if you have a low optimisation score they penalise you. In order to be able to keep your free Ad Grants account as a charity, you need a healthy optimisation score. It’s been really annoying me for a couple of reasons, the first being that I like to see a nice 100% optimisation score, the second being that we want to be able to properly track conversions. It turns out that on the DLAG website the code was pasted into the body of the text, and not into the header. It’s now in the right place and we can track things now.

What: Regular giving plan
Organisation: Dons Local Action Group

I decided to spend a little time on the DLAG regular giving plan. This is something that I’m finding really challenging at the moment, as it just feels wrong to be asking people for money right now when everyone has so many other things on their minds. That being said, without local organisations like DLAG, there would be so many more people struggling, and we have to do what we can to raise funds.

I’ve not done this sort of thing before, so I’m embracing the challenge. I did the standard thing you always do when you don’t really know what you’re doing, and I Googled “how to plan a regular giving campaign for charities”. It came up with some useful tips, and I was able to put something rough together to send to the rest of the fundraisers. The main thing I found is that you need to come up with a story and a goal which will draw people to want to donate to you. I’ve named the campaign ‘Scoring goals in our community’ and our main goal is to ‘Kick food, digital and furniture poverty out of our community’. Essentially, we want to encourage people to score goals with us and help us drive poverty away from south west London. What makes this campaign slightly easier for me to digest is that it’s really local, and south west London is quite densely populated, so we can be really targeted with how we advertise this. It’s still a work in progress, but at least I’ve made a start.

I also lined-up a call for Friday to help out another charity with their Google AdWords, they’re called The Doorstep Library, and they provide books and story tellers for underprivileged children in the UK. It sounds like such a lovely charity with an amazing mission to help support children from disadvantaged areas, by reading with them, and sharing a love books. Apparently one in eight children have no books at home, which is an absolute travesty in my mind because there is so much joy to be had in reading. I certainly wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t been such an avid reader. More about them on Friday…

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