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Day 26 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Tuesday, 26th January, 2021

Happy Australia Day! The Shane Warne Fan Club were chatting in full force this morning, as the BBL started its run on the home strait with the five finalists now decided. The Sydney Sixers are top of the ‘ladder’ (it’s a league) and they are guaranteed at least two bites of the cherry to try to get into the final, although they may only need one. Today was a day of phone calls and Zooms, and I met a lot of new people and chatted to my new old friend, Lady T.

What: Telephone befriending
Organisation: Age UK
I spoke to Lady T today who seemed pretty upbeat. We’ve taken to talking about the same things because there is nothing much going on that is different week-on-week, but it’s better now because I can picture who I’m talking to. Now I’ve also met her dog, I know who keeps her company and why she adores the little staffie so much. And when she talks about her front garden, and the trouble she’s had with the foxes, I know what she’s talking about! It definitely makes a difference.

What: Graphics for a newsletter header
Organisation: Charity Excellence Framework
I spoke to Ian yesterday about the new features he’s launching on his website which aggregates funders and I designed him some new headers for his newsletters. Also, I was having a thing of what his tagline might be to help him promote this. Appraise before you fundraise. Laser your fundraiser. The prophet for non-profits. It’s something that will require more thought and might not be necessary at all.

What: Zoom meeting to meet the crew
Organisation: Dons Local Action Group
Tonight, I got to meet the DLAG social crew! There were quite a few people on the call (15 at one point), and it was really great to put faces to names. DLAG is incredibly fortunate with their volunteer force, as they have a lot of people who are very active and passionate about the organisation. Being a sub-division of a football club charity helps, as most of the volunteers are avid AFC Wimbledon fans. Not me, I just like volunteering. I’m a Bristol Rovers fan, but what I do have in common with the AFC Wimbledon fans is that both teams are languishing close to the bottom of League One and will likely be in a relegation battle this season. That sucks. The Zoom call itself was just an introduction to who does what, so it was very informal. I like meeting people though.

I also had an interesting conversation with someone I randomly met on LinkedIn. On the weekend, my mentor, Jackie, tagged me in someone else’s post – a woman called Rachelle who was talking about volunteering. Neither me or Jackie were connected with her, but the post must have come up on Jackie’s feed because they have mutual connections. I like meeting people, )especially fellow volunteers, because volunteers are the nicest people in the world) so we connected and organised a Zoom just to meet and chat. It was amazing listening to Rachelle’s journey of having a top job in banking, but still being able to find time for her real passion in supporting children’s charities as a volunteer. After talking for a while, she alerted me to the possibilities of a career in CSR. I definitely need to think of getting a job at some point, as I can’t volunteer forever (unless I win the lottery soon) and bizarrely, I hadn’t thought of corporate social responsibility as an option. I am now openly considering this and am actively going to explore this option. Rachelle lives in Northern Ireland, but I definitely want to meet her when she next comes to London.

The Job Hunt starts here. Who knows where I'm going to end up? I've decided that I don't want to accept anything unless it feels right. The worst decision I ever mad job-wise was accepting a role when in my gut I really didn't like the company, but I felt pressure from the recruiter to take it. It was the only job I actually got through a recruiter, and it was the worst job I ever had.

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