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Day 20 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Wednesday, 20th January, 2021

I'm 20% in! It feels like it's going quite quickly, but it still feels really great to hit milestones. I haven't found myself struggling to find things to do, and I haven't felt particularly overstretched either, even though I've been keeping myself busy. I'm a member of sooo many WhatsApp groups anyway, I don't think it would be difficult to find something to do if I did get bored.

This morning, I got an email from Shout letting me know that I had some texter feedback, and [at a time I’m choosing not to disclose] I jumped onto the platform to take a look at it. It’s always really nice to receive feedback, because it provides tangible evidence that you’ve helped someone which is great for your confidence – especially when you’re trying to help people feel better in difficult situations. While on the platform, I saw that there were a few people waiting in the texter queue, so thought I’d take a convo and talk to someone because I had a bit of time before I needed to go out. I also didn’t want to leave it too long after my tough shift, as I think part of the reason that I found Sunday’s shift difficult was the fact that it had been a full week since my last Shout shift. I won’t say anything about the conversation itself, but the texter was able to put together a simple plan to help them on their way to a positive day. The positive outcome of the conversation really set me up for my day as well, and I’m really pleased I hopped in.

As I’ve been quite occupied with OAPA over the last few days, today was also a day to catch-up on some other projects as nurture relationships and reach out to new organisations. I’ve been making good friends with the team at Media Trust, which pairs creative volunteers with charitable organisations. I’m currently in talks with a couple of charities about taking on their Google AdWords accounts, one of which is called eQuality Time. They are a charity which comes up with ideas for projects and applies for funding to prototype or scale them up, working towards making them self-funding. One of their main projects focuses on celebrating the life of Alan Turing and surrounding his memorial with flowers each year. I’ll tell you more about them as I start to work with them, but I can actually tell you about them because they’ve given me access to their account. I’m looking forward to getting stuck-in!

I also went shopping for Lady S today, which was great because I’ve been struggling to keep up my exercise/step count because the weather has been so crappy that it’s difficult to find the motivation to leave a warm house to go out. It’s been non-stop drizzle all week, and today was no different, but I was really glad to get out. In news on my other Age UK friend, I’ve organised a time to go round and see Lady T to go and put her cheque in the bank. I’ll be going on Friday and I’m really looking forward to meeting her for the first time.

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