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Day 2 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Saturday, 2nd January, 2021

On Day 2 in Volunteerial World, I ventured into a bit of design work for Only A Pavement Away and the Charity Excellence Framework. I'm no expert at design, but I'm pleased with what I can manage.

I use Canva when I do graphics for people, something which makes my designer friends cringe because it's basically a Fisher Price version of InDesign and allows amateurs to imitate the pros as something which is technically an art. I know graphic design is an art, because I watch Hey Duggee with my son and there's no way anyone could be that good on Canva. What's great, is that Canva is free for charities to use, although I have my own account which I invest in because I use it all the time for my blog.

What: Content Creation
Organisation: Only A Pavement Away (OAPA)
Time Spent: 20 mins

OAPA is a relatively new charity which helps get homeless people off the streets and into hospitality jobs. It was created because there was a huge skills shortage in the hospitality sector, and a large number of people on the streets who need help getting into paid work. For such a new charity, they've made a huge impact already and have gotten 77 people off the streets and into employment in the last two years, which has generated £2.5m in revenue. You’re probably going to be hearing a lot more about them over the next 100 days because they’ve got a lot planned for 2021 which I will be helping them with.

Today, I spent a little bit of time creating a thank you graphic for the OAPA followers who created five ingredient soups for a campaign I created back at the end of November, which ran until 31st December. The campaign was called #ServeOurSoup, and how it worked was entrants had to create a soup with five ingredients, donate £5 to OAPA and nominate five friends to do the challenge. The competition entries are in, and are now being judged by Michelin-starred chef Tom Aikens, with the winner will having their soup served at the OAPA Dinner and Dine event this year which was due to take place in March. Given the restrictions in place at the moment, that probably won't be happening.

We ran the campaign to help us raise funds for The Big Give Christmas Challenge, where we wanted to raise £4000. We ended up reaching our target with some time to spare, and it was match-funded by The Big Give, which means we actually got £8000 (closer to £9000 when you count the extra donations). Overall, the campaign was very successful, and we will be running it again next winter, albeit with a few tweaks which will hopefully help us raise even more money.

What: Content Creation
Organisation: Charity Excellence Framework (CEF)
Type of Organisation: Tech Charity
Time Spent: 45 mins

CEF is a really cool tech platform designed to help charities with their due diligence and, where they fall short, it helps them create an action plan to help them thrive. As a charity, you simply fill out some questionnaires in order to provide the information to help the system work out what it is you need to focus on to ensure that you are diligent, and your charity is being run to the highest standard. It was created by a charity veteran called Ian McLintock, who I came across about six months ago when I was looking for volunteering opportunities on the Media Trust website. I’ve been doing bits of design for him and helped him organise his YouTube channel.

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