Day 19 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Tuesday, 19th January, 2021

Today was a good day! It was a slight continuation of yesterday, with a little added spice and it’s a great feeling when you feel like things are starting to come together. The OAPA social plan is starting to become quite populous, and the Life Skills Hub project has taken a really interesting turn…

What: Fundraising and Comms
Organisation: Only A Pavement Away

Today I carried on with creating some social infographics, which was a relatively easy job because Greg the founder had provided me with a bunch of stats and quotes. Karen was then able to schedule them into the calendar, and all of a sudden, we were operating like a well-oiled machine.

What I find quite irritating about designing posts for social is that all of the dimensions are completely different for the various platforms, and they’re not responsive to one another. This makes it really quite time-consuming for anyone creating content. You'd think at the very least that Facebook and Instagram would work better together - they're owned by the same people. It’s no wonder that I don’t really bother with social, because if I spent all my time creating visual content I wouldn’t have the time to volunteer to give myself the subject matter needed to create the visual content. A would-be influencer who doesn’t like social media that much… yes, I’m trying to figure it out myself too.

The afternoon was where it got really interesting. Still with OAPA, Greg and I had a hugely positive meeting with a high street retailer about support for the Life Skills Hub which is launching later this year. We’re looking for suppliers to help us with starter packs for when our Members move into their new homes. I approached a couple of companies last week on LinkedIn, not really expecting much, but ended up organising this afternoon’s meeting and it went better than we could have hoped! We've tentatively agreed some discounts with the retailer and some gift cards to give to our members. We're also going to be talking to their actual charity division (we were talking to the B2B partnerships division). Nothing is signed as yet, and when we announce the partner you will find out who they are on social media. Because I will design it.

Today is a Tuesday, which usually means that I speak to Lady T. There was no answer when I called, so I left a message, and will try again tomorrow when I go shopping for Lady S. Now that my son is back at school I’ll be able to drop off her cheque at the bank at some point this week if she needs me to which will be really nice as I'll get to meet her.